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Southbay haunts? Favorites?

Looking for small, fun, and local restraunts in the south bay. Any suggestions? Im open minded about trying almost anything!!

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    1. I am no expert on the Southbay, but when I have been down there I like these places-
      Texas Smokehouse BBQ-1091 S Capitol Avenue, San Jose- I love their tri-tip and good sauce, collard greens.
      Chef Woo Chinese Restaurant-Bollinger Road, San Jose- love their chinese breakfast
      Tanto Japanese Restaurant- 1063 E. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale
      Good traditional Japanese, it's been awhile since I was last here but use to go often when I had a project down there.
      Huong Lan Sandwich- on Tully Road, San Jose. Vietnmese sandwiches excellent

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        I need to mention Fleur De Cocoa- 39 N Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos
        one word Outstanding! I stumbled upon this place because it is ok to "judge a book by it's cover" I had to get some sweets for a meeting and boy was I the hit. They do beautiful pastries, cakes and by the looks of it good sandwiches, salads, etc.

      2. Small, fun, local? Aqui in Willow Glen (SJ) for Southwestern; Kebab N Curry in S'Clara for Indian buffet lunch weekdays; Mio Vicino (Willow Glen, S'Clara); Twist Cafe (Campbell); any Krung Thai (2 in San Jose). Too many to mention, now that I think about it, so browse earlier threads.

        1. There are many - try Viva Los Gatos. It's in a strip mall but nice atmosphere. It has a nice bar, good menu, music sometimes.
          Also Fratello, another strip mall gem in San Jose, is very enjoyable.

          1. Thanks for your input! Ive been to a few of the ones mentioned and agree they are good! I will give it a whirl and try the others!

            1. Here's where I miss in the south bay...

              Pastaria & Market - Los Gatos
              Sushi Zono - Campbell
              Krung Thai - San Jose

              1. I second Krung Thai.

                Zeni for Ehipioan is great- San Jose. I go almost once a week.
                Mayuri or Kabab & Curry for Indian- Santa Clara.
                Tomisushi- San Jose
                Yuki Sushi- San Jose
                Falafel Drive-In- Santa Clara
                Hot Bite Kabob- San Jose
                Banana Leaf- Milpitas

                1. Some of my favorites:

                  Just Laziz (Lebanese/schawarmas and Manakeesh)- San Jose
                  Mudai (Ethiopian)- San Jose
                  Naglee Park Garage (American)- San Jose
                  Quang Da (Northern Vietnamese)- San Jose
                  Nha Toi (Vietnamese)- San Jose
                  Minatos (Japanese- basic comfort food/no fancy sushi)- San Jose
                  Dakao (Vietnamese/cheap and great Vietnamese sandwiches)- San Jose

                  1. Zeni (Ethiopian), San Jose
                    Aqui (Mexican), San Jose
                    Kabob and Curry's (Pakistani - get the boti kabob off the menu), Santa Clara
                    Real Ice Cream (Indian chaat), Santa Clara
                    Vung Tau II (Vietnamese - get the onion beef rolls), Milpitas
                    Da Afghanan (Afghan), Fremont
                    Amarin (Thai), Mountain View & Santa Clara
                    Pluto's (American - salads), San Jose

                    1. I'll 4th or 5th on Zeni for fantastic Ethiopian food.
                      Krung Thai, Kabob & Curry, Yuki Sushi, and Falafel Drive In have already been mentioned.

                      A couple other no frills favorites:
                      Tong Dumpling Pot in San Jose off Wolfe Road. Really tiny, really cheap with very good handmade dumplings.

                      Corner Place Cafe in Santa Clara for Korean

                      Pho Lynn Restaurant on West San Carlos St. for Vietnamese

                      Vicky's Restaurant for papusas, also on West San Carlos St. I'd advise avoiding Friday and Saturday nights when they have karaoke

                      Udupi Palace on El Camino for Indian dosas

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                      1. re: alis

                        Have you been to Tong recently? Reports are that it has gone way downhill.

                        1. re: Melanie Wong

                          I went there about a month and a half ago, and it was still good. That being said, I only got an order of dumplings so didn't have a ton of food. I'll have to go back and see if it had changed!

                      2. Yes you have to go to Krung Thai!
                        640 S Winchester Blvd
                        San Jose, CA 95128
                        408) 260-8224

                        I've eaten there since I was a kid and they were at an older location, best authentic Thai around here... and I'm Thai so trust me!!

                        Govea's Mexican Restaurant
                        1996 Tully Rd
                        San Jose, CA
                        (408) 270-0973

                        Old-fashioned homestyle Mexican food in a nice semi-hole in the wall place complete. I recommend the "Govea's Burrito Supreme"

                        1. I like these:

                          - Cafe Marcella ("French Mediterranean" with a good prix fixe lunch menu): 68 Village Ln, Los Gatos (downtown Los Gatos) http://www.cafemarcella.com
                          - Fleur de Cocoa (Los Gatos) as mentioned above
                          - Layang Layang (Malaysian): 1480 South De Anza Blvd. San Jose (near Cupertino) http://www.layanglayang.us/
                          - Kubota (Japanese/Fusion): 593 N 5th St, San Jose (Japan Town
                          - Chez Sovan (Cambodian): 2425 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell
                          - Agree on Krung Thai (San Jose), also.
                          - Darda (Islamic Chinese, in Milpitas) for Chinese beef noodle soup with hand cut noodles, also scallion bread. Other menu items there are a bit hit or miss, I have found.

                          1. Some Mountain View hits:

                            Try the black bean beef chow fun at Queen House on Castro between Dana and Villa. And the combination chow fun (or the spicy dry fried chicken, or the pork dumplings) at Cafe Yulong on Dana around the corner from Books Inc.

                            1. -Hana: Better place for dumpling and noodle is the Japanese style Chinese food at Hana on Saratoga Avenue in San Jose
                              -Gochi: Japanese izakaya, great for dinner with drinks
                              -Satura Cake: Japanese style French pastry
                              -Chaat Paradise in Mtn View
                              -Halu Ramen: Santa Clara or is it San Jose

                              1. It's Ramen Halu and it's in San Jose.


                                Other good ramen place is Do-Henkotsu on Moorpark next to Hana, which is next to Tomisushi that is good.

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                                1. re: Margo

                                  Alas, Do-Henkotsu closed down. :(

                                2. 2nd on Gochi, Flour de Cacao, Ramen Halu, Hana, and Krung Thai. Many good restaurants listed here however imo Tong and Layang Layang have gone down hill.

                                  I'd like to add:

                                  Com Tam Thanh - Broken Rice
                                  1150 Story Rd
                                  San Jose, CA, 95122
                                  (408) 278-1888

                                  Com Tam Dat Thanh - Broken Rice
                                  1055 Tully Rd Ste A
                                  San Jose, CA, 95122
                                  (408) 995-6751

                                  chelokababi - Kabobs/Persian
                                  1236 S Wolfe Rd
                                  Sunnyvale, CA 94086
                                  (408) 737-1222

                                  Rose Int'l Market - Kabob Dive
                                  1060 Castro St
                                  Mountain View, CA 94040
                                  (650) 960-1900

                                  Spice Hut - Indian (Fast)
                                  594 E El Camino Real
                                  Sunnyvale, CA 94087
                                  (408) 739-7535

                                  Shalimar - Indian
                                  1146 W. El Camino Real
                                  Sunnyvale, CA 94085

                                  Las Flamas - Taquria, don't go for just the burrito's
                                  2325 El Camino Real
                                  Santa Clara, CA 95050
                                  (408) 241-7407

                                  JT McHart's Pizza - Pizza
                                  19732 Stevens Creek Boulevard
                                  Cupertino, Ca, 95129

                                  Cicero's Pizza - Pizza
                                  6138 Bollinger Rd
                                  San Jose, CA 95129
                                  (408) 777-0690

                                  La Patisserie - French Bakery
                                  19758 Stevens Creek Blvd
                                  Cupertino, CA 95014
                                  (408) 446-4744

                                  Neli's Deli - Sammiches
                                  21801 Stevens Creek Blvd # 4
                                  Cupertino, CA 95014
                                  (408) 255-2552

                                  Vivi's Falafels - Burgers, Hot Sandwiches, Hummus, Falafels, Etc
                                  21731 Stevens Creek Blvd
                                  Cupertino, CA 95014
                                  (408) 255-3535

                                  Lucy's Cafe - Szechuan / Chinese
                                  21670 Stevens Creek Blvd.
                                  Cupertino, CA 95014
                                  (408) 446-1469

                                  Southland Taste - Taiwanese Cafe
                                  10825 N Wolfe Rd
                                  Cupertino, CA 95014
                                  (408) 446-9488

                                  Family Delight Cafe - Chinese Cafe
                                  662 Barber Ln
                                  Milpitas, CA 95035
                                  (408) 943-8229

                                  1. James Randall
                                    303 N Santa Cruz Ave
                                    Los Gatos, CA 95030
                                    (408) 395-4441

                                    La Fondue
                                    14510 Big Basin Way # 3
                                    Saratoga, Ca 95070

                                    320 Village Ln
                                    Los Gatos, CA 95030
                                    (408) 354-4330

                                    Forbes Mill
                                    206 N Santa Cruz Ave
                                    Los Gatos, CA 95030

                                    10330 N Wolfe Rd
                                    Cupertino, CA 95014
                                    (408) 446-2222

                                    19541 Richwood Drive
                                    Cupertino, Ca 95014

                                    Thai Delight
                                    20916 Homestead Road
                                    Cupertino, Ca 95014

                                    Chicken Salsa
                                    12019 Saratoga Sunnyvale Rd
                                    Saratoga, CA 95070
                                    (408) 253-5667

                                    1. Gombei
                                      193 Jackson St
                                      San Jose, CA 95112
                                      (408) 279-4311

                                      Sushi Kazoo (campbell is better then san jose imo)
                                      10 E Hamilton Ave # 100
                                      Campbell, CA 95008
                                      (408) 871-1250

                                      230 Jackson St
                                      San Jose, CA 95112
                                      (408) 279-4888

                                      Sonoma Chicken Coop
                                      200 E Campbell Ave
                                      Campbell, CA 95008
                                      (408) 866-2699

                                      Mitsuwa Market
                                      675 Saratoga Avenue
                                      San Jose, CA 95106

                                      1162 Saratoga Ave
                                      San Jose, CA 95129
                                      (408) 246-4007

                                      Ringer Hut
                                      1072 Saratoga Ave
                                      San Jose, Ca 95129

                                      Uncle Frank's
                                      2135 Old Middlefield Way
                                      Mountain View, CA 94043
                                      (650) 964-4476

                                      Pizza Antica
                                      334 Santana Row
                                      San Jose, CA 95128
                                      (408) 557-8373

                                      377 Santana Row, #1125
                                      San Jose, CA 95128