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Jan 15, 2007 05:52 PM

Shark Fin Inn - Forked River

First visit to this place (which has been open about 3 weeks) for dinner last night...and we'll be going back again VERY soon. Great atmosphere (Key West style), great drinks, and excellent food. Everything we tried was fresh and beautifully prepared.

If you're looking for a casual, relaxed evening highlighted by great food and service, this is the place. Definitely worth trying.

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  1. Just passed this restuarant yesterday on Rt 9 going north. I was going to post and ask if anyone has ever eaten there. It does look like a place that would be in the Keys. I also saw an ad in the APP today mentioning its grand opening.

    I will have to try it and post my opinion.

    1. yes, just opened....and it is good? better than Cafferys? Which is less than 1/2 mile away?

      What defines key west food? Just asking.

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        I'm also curious. What makes for key west food? I pass this place all the time and the parking lot has been full ever since it opened.

      2. Sorry, everyone...I meant that the atmosphere is Key West style. The menu has a lot of seafood, really fresh seafood, creatively prepared. Many of the dishes have an island flair...lots of citrus and unusual seasonings. The Island Rice that accompanied my crab cakes was fabulous...cooked in pineapple and tomato juices and accented with minced pineapple and dried cranberries. It sounds odd, but it's excellent.

        They also serve steak, chicken and pork dishes.

        We didn't try any of the special drinks but will do so on our next visit. They offer a few wines by the glass. We had the Twin Fin chardonnay...smooth, buttery, and only $4.50 for the glass.

        Definitely worth checking out. Starting today they're having a grand opening that will last the rest of the week...drink specials, Caribbean music, etc.

        1. Do they have a web site? if so what is it?

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            The web site is pretty much what you would expect...


            ...but it's clearly under construction. Not even a menu yet.

            1. re: ambrose

              I hate that. Come on restaurant owners its the 21st century!! Websites should be a given.

              1. re: bgut1

                Well, yes, but-----

                I suspect that people who check out restaurant web sities before going are in a distinct minority (I happen to be in that minority). Most people I know go to a new restaurant because of a review they read or because they heard about it from someone who ate there. These people have computers, they're just not as anal as I am!! (Yes, someone said that to me).

                The other thing is that some restaurants just don't bother with web sites. We were invited by friends to an Italian restaurant and I looked and looked for a web site. Turns out they don't have one because they feel they don't need it. Also turned out that I had one of the best meals I had had in a long time.

          2. I've eaten there on several occasions and the Mako Bites appetizer is delicious! I agree about the island rice.... very tasty/very different. The downside: Reservations are only accepted for 6+. There was only 2 of us & we waited over an hour on a Saturday night. Also, they have no sound system or one of those vibrating "thinga-ma-jig" that alerts you when you're table is ready. The hostess walked around the bar over & over again shouting names. A little annoying..... yes.... but it was well worth the wait. Oh... there house salad is one of the best I've ever had.