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Jan 15, 2007 05:49 PM

Exchange Student from USA seeks cheap eats near Univ. of New South Wales

I am a student from the USA spending a semester in Australia starting Feb 15 through July 10. Would like some suggestions for good eats on a student budget near the University of New South Wales. Thanks

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  1. There are plenty of places around the uni. Check out Anzac Parade Kingsford - a whole parade of Asian eateries, Randwick Junction - there are also supermarkets here. Both of these places border the Uni - just at opposite ends. Also, check out the local pubs for meals. They typically have daily specials that are cheap.

    Also, don't forget that your dollar will go further in Australia.

    Good luck withthe studies.

    1. The Coogee Bay Hotel is a magnet for students from the USA. Like many Australian pubs you can cook your own steaks or get other types of meals. There are many other reasonable places to eat nearby on Coogee Bay Rd. Good luck with your studies and your social life. Remember that the drinking age is 18.

        1. hey there when I was still in UNSW, I used to go to this superb Indonesian restaurant that is famous for its barberque chicken called "ayam bakar" @ AYAM GORENG 99, this is a must try if you crave a nice n cheap indonesian meal, there's also a nice indonesian noodle house called PINANGSIA all in Kingsford. The mince chicken n mushroom noodle is gud too. If ur not lazy, just hop in the bus to maroubra junction for more nice indonesian n chinese meals.