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May 1, 2005 05:35 PM

Real Pickles from Alexander Valley?

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Taking a look around Big John's in Healdsburg on Friday, I noticed quart-size plastic tubs of fresh pickles from a local company called Alexander Valley Gourmet ( for about $6. On a unit basis, that's less than the Bubbies next to them on the shelf. Since pickles aren't a big part of my diet, I didn't buy them. But thought I'd post here in case someone else has can offer a taste report and to let folks know about them. According to the company website, they're also available at Fiesta in Sebastopol and Pacific in Santa Rosa.



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  1. We just had these at a dinner party last weekend and they are fantastic. They are in the "new" dill style with no vinegar added to them. Nice and crisp with sort of a light spicy fermented aftertaste. Highly addictive - but you have to like that style of pickle. I bought ours at Dean & Deluca in St. Helena - there is a list of stores on their website. They also make Bread and Butter pickles which we haven't tried yet.


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      Melanie Wong

      Joanne, thanks for responding. The list of retailers on the website has increased some three-fold since I pulled it up a month ago. Looks like the product is taking off, I'll have to make a point to try them.

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        We just tried the Bread and Butter Pickles. We purchased them at Pacific Market in Santa Rosa. Yum! They have a slightly spiciness which reminds me of curry (although that isn't an ingredient listed - the spice is serrano chiles). They are not "hot" at all. They are crisp and have a tough dill pickle like skin. The general concensus was to buy them again with 1 dissenter. We also love Ricks Picks Bee 'N' Beez pickles but these ones are much easier to get!


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