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Jan 15, 2007 05:35 PM

Expresso Coffee

I am looking for the best Coffee for Automatic machines. (whole bean coffee). I tried: Café Italia's. Illy's. Brûlerie St Denis. (Arabica flavor).

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  1. I'm no expert, but if asked for a recommendation, I would send you to Cafe-Union. They supply a lot of the better coffee places in town.

    1. Cafe Rico on Rachel has delicious coffee roasted daily, great prices. I like their Gato Negro blend (Wed and Sat), but they're all pretty tasty. I agree with the Cafe Union nod, too, but Cafe Rico, for my home machine, is the best--always produces a thick dark crema

      1. It took me months after purchasing my Saeco fully automatic espresso machine to find a bean I really loved, and that's consistent from batch to batch.

        It's "Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-Op" (Italian Roast). The package claims that this is Canada's first Fair Trade coffee roaster.

        I buy mine at a natural foods store in Toronto (a 5-lb bag for $59; smaller bags are available). Get in touch with the company for availability in Montreal (they also sell direct, online). For some reason, they don't include the 5-pound bag in their product line-up.

        1. My preference for espresso is from Faema, on St. Laurent. Try the house blend espresso - they will grind it for you, just let them know the type of machine.