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Opus, Hatfield's or Providence?

Trying to nail down my dinner choice for a quick trip I'll be taking to L.A.

The plan right now has us at Lucques for Sunday supper which leaves Monday night open.

Any preferences as to the choices above? I really like the looks of the menus for all three and money's not really a factor.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I can definitely vouch for Providence. Sorry, haven't gotten to the other two yet. I can't wait to hear you comment on Lucques.

    1. Lucques is good, Spago is much better.
      Mon night Providence for sure!
      I would do Tasting Menus at both.

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        i disagree about spago versus lucques. it is apples to oranges. really.

      2. Choose Providence, and enjoy yourself. It's an exceptional restaurant. Hatfield's is a delight for a less-expensive and very good dinner. Opus has an excellent chef, who might become very good, but not quite there yet.

        1. I don't know, I went to Hatfield's and loved it! Fantastic! I haven't tried the other 2, but Hatfield's should be high on anyone's (who, like you PatrickQuinn, has no budget limit) list!

          1. If money is no object, then definitely Providence. I've been to all three restaurants in the past several months, and hands down, that one wins. It's one of the few restaurants I've been to where I've thought that the food actually warrants the high prices.

            This is not to say that Opus and Hatfield's aren't both excellent as well, because they are. But I agree with jzinser's statements regarding the three places. Opus is fun for its more affordable tasting menu ($30/3 courses, with extras usually thrown in, another $20 for wine pairing). I haven't yet had the tasting menu at Hatfield's, but the meal that I had there was very very good indeed. Yet, ultimately, Providence takes the cake. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

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              ditto. love opus, but providence would have to be tops.

            2. 1.) Hatfields
              2.) Opus
              3.) Providence

              1. Just a reminder that Anthony Bourdain warns against fish on Mondays. If you subscribe to that rule, then Providence might not be the right choice, since it is primarily a seafood place.

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                  and if it's a restaurant specializing in seafood, rather than a steak house with a nod at seafood on the menu, i think you should be fine.

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                    The last time I was at Providence on Monday, my waiter overheard me talking about restaurants not receiving seafood shipments on Sundays/Mondays, and he told me that they receive fresh shipments daily.

                  2. Seriously...I'd 'ask' Chef Michael how much he subscribes to that theory, then ask him how much he pays PER DAY in fish costs and then I think anyone would be placated enough to realize that Providence isn't in jeopardy of getting less than stellar quality fish or produce or ______ fill in the blank.

                    1. Fresh fish is available seven days a week, but it is shipped to LA about three days per week. Very little fish comes in on Friday..the fish you eat on the weekend was flown in on Thursday. I'd put my money on Chef David at Water Grill...the guy's food is the tastiest and most innovative in LA. In fact after he brought his slow poaching to town..everybody started doing it.

                      1. What about Sona? I've heard great things but have not been there. Isnt it supposed to be on of LA's best?

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                          Providence or Water Grill is much better.

                          1. re: russkar

                            All product coming from Japan comes in Thursday night! Also arrives from japan on Monday night for Tuesday

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                              Tasting menu with wine pairings at Hatfield's is the best. The wine, food, and service is superb.

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                                Glad you had a good experience at Hatfield's. Unfortunately we didn't and have no desire to return, food was boring and we ordered several items from the Menu. Good Service.

                              2. re: russkar

                                What is IMP? And where is it located? Is it open to the public?

                                1. re: Ingrid Ingrid

                                  International Marine (San Pedro and 7th) in downtown LA.
                                  They recently started discouraging the Public and prefer to deal with Wholesale only so your best bet is to probably go to LA Fish a few blocks away.

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                              i honestly think the service at sona is above & beyond the service at any other los angeles restaurant. however, i prefer the earthier food at lucques.

                            3. Can definitely vouch for Providence. Had a wonderful meal there last night - spouse and I were full from a big lunch & were actually going to cancel res at the last minute - but since it was for a birthday meal - we went anyway and were glad we did. Everything was wonderful from most deliciously fresh, inventive seafood dishes to attentive service - and the final bill was much less then I expected. Re: above poster - I'm a huge fan of water grill as well, but the room is not nearly as nice and inviting as the the rooms in Providence. (PS - a diner from every table in our small dining room was celebrating a birthday)

                                1. Just went to Providence again last nite, and it was still lovely as I remember. Noticed the chowda' switched out bone marrow for bacon. Maybe folks got too nervous reading bone marrow? It's unfortunate, only b/c I realized back then that it was even better. Cimarusti was in Florida for a fundraiser, according to Mr. Poto, (while he deboned our turbot for two). Meal was right on.