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Jan 15, 2007 05:12 PM

Sandwiches in East Village

I always have this dilemma- where can I find a really good sandwich (preferably take-out) in the East Village?? Please help. Thank you

PS I Love Nicky's Vietnamese sandwiches- but I am not always in the mood for them. I am thinking something like the Italian Food Center's sandwiches in little italy. Thanks again!

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  1. I like Piada on Clinton b/w Houston & Stanton. More like a quesadilla or grilled flatbread, but very good.

    1. Try the vietnamese grocery on Broome betw. Mott and Mulberry, great pate veggie sandwich.

      1. I haven't been to the Italian Food Center, but I find Farallucci e Vino's panini pretty good. 11th (I think) and 1st. If you want to go in a completely different direction, the doner kebab and other kebabs at Taksim, 2nd Av. just south of 6th St., is fantastic.

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          Is Taksim a sit-down restaurant (with a wait staff) or more like Bereket?



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            I go to Tarrallucci e Vino a lot actually. But I am not always in the mood for panini- thanks for your help!

          2. Italian Food Center is very good

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              Italian food center changed owners about a year ago and may as well be run by Koreans it's so lousy (meaning the Italian heros suck now). I think they even offer sushi! Try Alidoro (fka Melampo) or Parisi.

            2. There's a deli on 8th and B that is fantastic. It's just north of that community garden with the weird tower of houshold refuge. It is one of the few delis in the EV that I can go to and get a good sandwich with consistency.

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                6th and B, but yes it's pretty good for a deli. I think it's called Sunny's.