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Jan 15, 2007 05:06 PM


So I just got back from a trip in the Middle East, and I had a chance to eat knafeh, an Arab pastry of warmed goat cheese and syrup. I think it's particular to the Levant, but I'm no expert. So I guess places serving the cuisine of Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese Arabs are the most likely to have it. But I have only the vaguest idea where to start looking here in the Bay Area. If you haven't had this, it's incredible. Any idea where to find it?

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  1. rworange posted a couple weeks ago on a place in SF where she had this. Many variants on the spelling so hard to do a search, but hopefully she'll chime in.

    Here it is, found her post on Saffron 685 -

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    1. I've had decent versions at Ya-Ya on Van Ness and Mijana in Burlingame.

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        Oooh, could you tell us more about Mijana in general?

      2. I found it to be pretty good, but I was with some Jordanian friends, so they compared it to Mom's cooking or the "old country" (they really used this term!). The vegetarian sampler was good as was the beef and lamb shawarma arouss.

        1. My two favorite bay area middle eastern restaurants both have this dessert - they're both in Redwood City, within a few blocks of each other. The first one is New Kapadokia (Turkish) and the second one is Tarboosh (Lebanese).


          1. The best is in Lebanon, made by "ALHALLAB" precisly in Tripoli.
            shortly will start KNAFEH in Montreal-Canada