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Jan 15, 2007 04:54 PM

51 Lincoln, Newton Highlands

Just wondering if there are any dinner reports .... opened on the 10th, replacing Le Soir. Former chef of The Met at the helm.

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  1. Went early last night and by the time we left at 7:00 the place was filled. Service was attentive initially, but the wait staff was overwhelmed when full and neglected to bring dessert until we reminded them. They then gave it to us gratis.
    Salad was ok. I ate the roast chicken with roast vegetables and gravy. Chicken was moist, but not memorable. The roast vegetables were wonderful. We would have eaten as many as were on the plate.
    Hubby had the short ribs with polenta fries. Again side was excellent and short ribs were good but not memorable.
    Nice selection of wines by the glass and a few cocktails.
    Dessert was memorable-pumpkin flan.
    The servings were generous. Main dishes: $18-23, appetizers $8-12. All in all we will be back again to try some of the other dishes. A nice addition to the neighborhood

    1. Dined at 51 Lincoln tonight, another early bird (5:30 reservation was all opentable had to offer). Tried the roast duck breast (properly browned exterior, but slightly past "medium" on the inside) with risotto cakes (lovely, mushy, savory...), steak au poivre with luscious roast potato wedges, and "day-cured" salmon (quite sweet and salty, but not overwhelmingly either). Oh, and the scallop sandwiched in chorizo paired with a shot of limoncello --- sausage browned deliciously, with a meager but succulent slice of scallop inside. Alas, I'm not a fan of the bread, which despite being served soft and warm sported a tough, underdeveloped crust --- I found myself eviscerating each slice. Fat cloves of perfectly roast garlic in the olive oil were redeeming.

      Drove out from Cambridge, and was quite pleased with the trip. Will repeat.