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Jan 15, 2007 04:54 PM

Besh or Dickie Brennan's?

I posted previously a question about where to go for a bachelor party. After consulting with my crew, which are more conservative eaters than I, we decided on steakhouse. Every Hound suggested Dicke Brennan, and nobody recommended Besh, but I'm wonder how big the difference is. I know that we plan to go to Harrah's afterwards anyway, and Besh has the location advantage. They seem comparable in price. Is it a big mistake to go to Besh over DB?

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  1. It has been a while, since I did Dickie Brennan's, but I would vote for Chef John Besh, handsdown.

    For DB's Steakhouse, we had reservations (made about a month out) at 9:00PM for 2 and were promptly seated at 10:30PM! From that point on, it went downhill. The staff tried to rush us on every aspect of the dinner, which was barely acceptable. The wine service was laughable, and I felt that we were in a chain, that was trying to turn the table, as quickly, as was possible. I'm sure that the staff just wanted to go home, but then they should have honored our 9:00PM reservation. While I dislike the Morton's, etc. (adult McDonalds IMHO, "Happy Meals" and all), I'd choose any of those, over DB's Steakhouse. I don't wait 1.5 hours, even for the French Laundry.

    I even had a nephew, who was a pastry-chef there, and he begged me to try it again. Maybe I would have, had we traveled back to NO, while he was there. However, he left to become an architect in Prague, so I missed that chance. Amazing how bad a taste, one poor experience, can leave with one.

    OTOH, you might want to look for some more recent reviews (post-Katrina), as things may have changed for the better.

    Sorry to throw cold dishwater on DB's SH, but I still have a stong, negative opinion of the place.


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      Thanks for that. What did you think about the steaks themselves?

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        Fair, at best. While I am not a big fan of the Morton's and Ruth's, I'd definitely give the nod to Ruth's, over what we had at DB's. Of the "chains," I've had the best meals at the Capitol Grills in both DC and PHX, but I almost always opt for a "free-standing" steakhouse, if I make the arrangements.

        I have not dined at John Besh's restaurant, but have done a few seminars, where he was the guest chef (most recently NO Wine & Food '05) and his work there was impressive - not an endorcement for his restaurant, obviously, though a good start.

        Do check out the recs. on the board, as I only have one very bad experience, and it could have been a fluke. Also, Mister B's, which, IIRC, is within the same "family," has always come through for me. That's one reason that we got reservations at DB's, to begin with.

        Good dining,

    2. We have a relatively new Steak House which is a chain,but might be good for guys called Shula's after the football coach. I have not eaten there personally, but have heard it is expensive, but then so is John Besh's steak house I do believe. He is possibly the best chef in the city, so it is certainly worth considering. Crescent City Steak House is an excellent value and open again, very New Orleans. Mr John's has wonderful steaks also, but the atmosphere is lacking.

      1. I really like the food at Besh and the atmosphere is in line with a bachelor party...also, I hear the masquerade bar across the casino is very hot lately (great dancers and drink specials) I think you're on the right track with staying in one spot- but that's just me-

        I can reccommend the steak and fries (tartar w/quail egg which was very good) the knuckle sandwich (crispy veal and poached lobster) and the beet salad w/goat cheese was top notch

        good luck chosing and have fun!

        1. Besh or Dickie Brennan's??? Are you serious???

          Forget about Dickie (or anything Brennan) when John Besh is in the equation...

          Besh is to Dickie is as a Jaguar is to an ass-cart with square wheels...

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            Ha, tell me what you really think. Unfortunately, Besh didn't have any availability for 15 people, so DB's it is. I'll report back to you all...

          2. Just so you know, Besh's got HORRIBLE reviews when it first opened, albeit, pre-Katrina

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              Who had a "stellar" review when they re-opened post-Katrina?? Please tell me! I'm dying for someone to find one! I think everyone had rocky restarts. Just my opinion.

              1. re: pinotgirl

                I think a lot of the rocky starts were related to lack of trained staff. Hours were abbreviated because of the lack of feet on the floor and it is still so to some extent, but I have not had a bad experience in any of the restaurants.