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Jan 15, 2007 04:15 PM

Another question about my trip to Newport

Thanks so much for all of your great suggestions! I really appreciate it. I have another question: Does anyone have any suggestions for a quick place (non-chain) to grab a bite that is midway between Philadelphia and Newport? Once again, I'm looking for a place that serves local specialties like great chowder. Also, I would like to stay as close to I-95 as possible. Thanks!

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  1. Hmm, that sounds like the Stamford or New Haven area in Connecticut. Others could probably offer their opinions for these locales.

    If you considered more than half-way, Mystic CT has some local charm, close to 95 and good restaurants to boot. Plenty of seafood options.

    1. Pizza that rivals famous New Haven, without the lines, 1 mi off 95, clean quiet small town spot: Grand Apizza in downtown Clinton. Half way to Providence from NYC so you can work up even more appetite coming from Philadelphia.

      1. Lenny and Joe's (in Madison) does mmilky (not creamy) chowder and their fish is always impeccably fresh. I've been told they will turn down shipments they find unacceptable.