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Jan 15, 2007 04:11 PM

Soliciting recs for Chinese dinner banquet in the Peninsula

Greetings CH'ers,

I'm just starting to help plan a weekend dinner banquet in February for about 40-50 people, and am considering the likes of Hong Kong Flower Lounge/Zen Peninsula/Fook Yuen in Millbrae as well as Koi Palace in Daly City. I've been to HKFL, KP & FY previously, so I know their various pros & cons from both a food as well as banquet space perspective. Was wondering about Zen Peninsula, and specifically whether they have a separate banquet/private room space (or is it just a section carved out of the main dining area)? The ZP website didn't shed much light on this, and my search of the board didn't garner any info on ZP's interior layout.

Thanks for any assistance.


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  1. Hong Kong Flower Lounge has side rooms upstairs, and as well as main dining room up there. For 40-50 people, you probably can get everyone in the main part without cutting out people's view from the separate rooms. Zen Peninsula has side rooms as well with dividers, the rooms would be long and narrow, think 2 tables wide. but you would only need 4-5 tables. Fook Yuen has and upstairs room, I wouldn't recommend it, never liked their food,, plus the room, from what I remeber, was not very nice. You may want to look into The Kitchen, chowhounders seem to like it, I think the food is okay. They have a side room, but I can't remember if it has total room dividers. We just had dim sum at Zen P. on Saturday and everything was very good, especially liked how everything was piping hot, other places I've been, it's lukewarm to cold, yuck.

    1. John and I just had dim sum at Zen Peninsula two weeks ago and it wasn't good. The wrappers for the ha gow and other dumplings were overcooked (perhaps from frozen?) and fell apart when we picked them up with our chopsticks and some of the fried dim sum were lukewarm. Plus, even though it wasn't very late (about 1:00,) they had run out of dan tat. We were very disappointed.

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        We had no problems with the ha gow and other dumplings, they were very, burn the mouth hot. We didn't have the fried stuff since we were too "hay" at the time. I was excited to see that they had the portuguese style egg custards, but they ran out by the time we were ready for them, they did have the dan tat, fresh from the oven, but we didn't have those. We ate around 1:00 on a Saturday. I think they run the oven by rotating the items so the portuguese tarts went first, then the dan tat.

      2. Thanks Nancy & Patty for the perspective. I am giving ZP a lot of consideration, and will likely be having dinner there this week to check out the food and the decor.

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        1. re: Eugene Park

          i really liked zen peninsula all the times i've been there and i think the decor is really nice - i like the gold hearts on the red velvet wall. ha! and i've always had no problems with the food so maybe other days, it's been off but not for me.

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            Thanks katg! Wasn't sure from the pics on ZP's website whether the red walls were painted red or what. Red velvet walls sound interesting.