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Places to buy Fage yogurt?

My husband and I have got into the habit of eating the 2% yogurt in individual cartons every day for breakfast. We've been buying it a Whole Foods, and sometimes at Trader Joe's. I think it's $1.69 a carton which is adding up to a sizeable weekly breakfast bill. Does anyone know a place in Cambridge to buy it more cheaply? Inman/Harvard/Central square preferable.

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  1. Buy the larger size, $4.19. I've seen it at Russo's at the same price.

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      Agreed - buy the larger size and spoon it out into small butter tubs or Glad containers. Having some now as an afternoon snack with Greek honey and pomegranate seeds.

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        Have you actually seen the larger size in the 2% version? I've never been able to find that. This is a staple of our daily diet, too, and I can't get a better price than either TJ's or WFM, and only on the individual sized containers . . . .

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          I haven't seen the 2% in the larger size, either. In Europe they sell it in triple packs, but I haven't see that here. Thank you for the other suggestions. It's good to have some more places to stock up, although it doesn't look as if we're going to be saving significant $.

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            I just bought a large 2% at Trader Joes yesterday.

      2. the trader joe's version is actually pretty good too.

        1. Arax Market on Mt. Auburn in Watertown carries this but not sure of $

          1. Sevan Market on Mt. Auburn in Watertown (a couple doors down from Arax) has the larger size. They also carry Krinos and some other Greek-style yogurts in the larger size which may also save you money. They are also very good, and in the same style as the Fage yogurts.

            1. I've actually seen it at the Market Basket in Somerville.

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                Yes--they're all over Market Baskets in the Merrimack Valley. Haverhill (Westgate, jct of 110/495) has an especially good and affordable selection)

              2. harvest co op on mass ave

                1. Does anyone know if any of these places carries Fage GOAT yogurt? It's getting hard to find, but is super.

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                    I have seen the Fage goat yogurt at Whole Foods - don't know if it's there all the time, or if I only notice it the few times they have it in stock.

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                      It's also at the Market Basket on Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington.

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                        I used to get it at Whole Foods, but haven't seen it there recently. I've been getting the "Old Chatham" brand sheep yogurt (in a green container) and it is great too!

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                          TNX, I looked at the Back Bay location but will call around to the others.