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Jan 15, 2007 03:57 PM

Gonna Buy a FoodSaver... Which one?

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who has posted on this subject before- your posts have helped me make up my mind to buy a vacuum-saving device and I have done some research on my own about the plastics and for how I plan to use it, I am not concerned about anything...that said...

I am a pretty serious home cook. I want a Foodsaver first and formost for the portioning and storage of meats. I do my own butchering and stock making, but I live with only one other person- I would love to start buying larger hunks of meat and storing it, but to fit it in my already crowded freezer, i need to portion it first. After reading what others have said they use their machines for, I expect I will soon embrace its other features, too.

Even the most experienced FoodSaver users out there caution others about reducing moisture and juices, specifically of meats- lessons learned and warnings heard- are there any models that are better at wet works? Any accessories I can't live without or shouldn't buy at all? Any other brands I should be looking for?


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  1. I have the V2460. I have a set of tha cannisters and I want to get the Ball jar sealer attachment. I buy my spices mainly from Pendery's (not Penzys). Prices get better as you increase quantity. Being able to seal the spices in the canning jars to keep them fresh and to be able to reseal as it is used is very appealing.

    Last night I made pozole and had bought some Cotija cheese to crumble on top. We only used about 1/4 of the package. The rest I sealed up to use another time. On a whim I decided to seal half an avacado to see how it would keep. This afternoon it looks great. i love that thing.

    1. I have a professional II that I bought at a discount store (Tuesday Morning) for VERY VERY cheap. I like it because it fits on my counter behind my marble slab, the new ones have a much bigger footprint. I find if I have to store something in a cabinet - it doesn't get used. The meat marinators and canisters are stored and never seem to get used. What I use more than anything are the pint sized wide-mouth mason jars, bits of cheese, left overs, frozen juice, frozen zests, take along lunches, all get put into jars. I prefer the sanitary aspects of glass and I can open them and reseal them much easier than a bag.