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going to seattle in september.need 3 very good- excellent restaurants. price is no object: either cheap or expensive.

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  1. Mistral
    Harvest Vine
    Cafe Juanita

      1. Union, Lark, Harvest Vine

        1. Dahlia Lounge
          Harvest Vine
          Cafe Juanita
          The Herbfarm (in case you can't get into one of the others)

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            Echo yes on The Herbfarm and September would be the perfect time to go - harvest of so many things seasonal, including their herb garden! It is a wonderful experience, worth the drive from downtown to Woodinville.

          2. Salumi
            Palace Kitchen
            Inn at Langley

            1. union
              cafe juanita is NOT in seattle!

              1. Mistral - custom made meal, no menu.
                Rover's - leisurely french meal, great wines, a sense of home-cooking, if you lived in a mansion.
                5 Spot - lowkey diner with new regional menu every 6 weeks.

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                  Palisade is one of my favorite places.

                2. -Harvest Vine
                  -Paseo's (for the sandwiches)

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                    Mmm, Paseo's. I'm getting lunch there tomorrow.

                    Matt's in the Market


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                      Paseo's dinners are also good, and a bargain.

                    2. Saladman, judging by your list of top 5 restaurants (which indicate a penchant for hearty/ Italian/ steak), i think you might enjoy Barolo, Tulio, Cafe Juanita (in Kirkland)...consider also Waterfront Grill if you're looking for some straightforward seafood/steak PS. i'm not a Harvest Vine fan (ymmv)

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                        thanks barleywine

                        i think you're psychic in feeling my pang!
                        What is (ymmv)?
                        salad man

                        1. re: salad man

                          Saladman, i'm impressed by how far ahead you like to plan your meals! hope you enjoy your stay (ymmv = your mileage may vary)

                      2. Mistral
                        Sitka & Spruce