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Jan 15, 2007 02:02 PM

Bostonian visiting South Florida

Interested in local favorites. Would like recommendations for Seafood, Sushi, Cuban Food and interesting bars...Thanks!

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  1. It takes a solid two hours to drive from West Palm Beach to Coral Gables, and a half hour or more to drive from the coast to the western suburbs. South Florida's pretty big.

    It would help to know what town or neighborhood you'll be staying in. ;)

    1. There's a place in Ft. Lauderdale called Kelly's Landing that has New England Seafood --steamers, fried clams, lobster roll, clam chowder. There are red sox banners on the walls. Just in case you yearn for your homestyle food when you're here.

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        In that same vein, DO NOT go to Boston's on the beach in Delray Beach. It's not great and isn't very Bostony either.

      2. Sorry, I should have said we will be staying in Sunny Isles. Really, we are interested in chowhound's favorites, not just the types of foods we listed. We are willing to travel. Also, we'll be in town for the superbowl, so sports themes are welcome as well. We would be happy to recpirocate with recommendations in Boston if you guys get tired of all the sunshine.

        1. check out my post in the best dishes in florida thread. For most of my recs, you will be travelling south as that is my area of expertise...

          1. In the Sunny Isles area specifically is Timo, which many have said is good. I haven't been there myself, though I'm looking forward to trying it on a weekend getaway to Trump Sonesta in April. Definitely do a search for South Beach or Miami recs. Lots of good restaurants. if you get to Coral Gables, my favorite is Ortanique on Miracle Mile.