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Jan 15, 2007 02:00 PM

STL - Pujols 5

We ate there last night and enjoyed our dinner. The jumbo carribean wings were very good and the pineapple mango chutney along side was exceptionally good.

I had a roast beef sandwich. Instead of an au jus, it was served with a side of french onion soup for dipping. I really liked that.

Both hubby and son got the ribs. They were fall of the bone style and both loved them. My daughter got a chicken BLT which she also liked. The chicken was grilled with some sort of spices so it was very flavorful according to her.

There's a lot of memoribilia which entertained my hubby and son. When we were leaving, a hostess had let another boy hold one of Pujols' ESPY award trophys to take a picture with. My son was jealous but we didn't bring a camera.


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  1. What was the price range like? Is this a Carribean/Dominican Republic themed resturaunt?

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      Not especially themed but there are several options in each category that fits a Carribean style.

      Price range was fine. Half slab with fries/slaw was $11.95 - very fair I thought. My roast beef was high I thought, $10.95, but the sandwich was huge. Most sandwiches were 8 to 10 bucks with fries. Steaks seemed high but we didn't really look closely at those options.

      The four of us ate for $60 - hubby had 2 beers.