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Cafe de Paris - Lauderdale - Las Olas, anyone been? Looking for menu.

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I was recommended to try this place (by an NON chowish person) with some out of town guests from Palm Springs I'm entertaining in Feb.

I'm trying to find the menu online, anyone find it? What do you think of this place?

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  1. I got addicted to their curried shrimp entree and have finally learned how to make it at home. The filet mignon is quite good as well as is their wine list. A relaxed and unrushed atmosphere, this is a sister restaurant to the French Quarter. Bon appetite!


    1. I use to live in Ft. Lauderdale and have been to Cafe de Paris many times. It is an institution on Las Olas. It was always very good but ... it has been years since I was there last. I once looked for the menu but was never able to find it.
      The attached is a pretty good description.

      1. It IS an institution on Las Olas, but VERY mediocre! Old fashioned food and fine for a night out, but nothing special at all!

        1. We were there recently for lunch with 2 other couples from Europe. We were all VERY disappointed. The sole muniere had a sauce that was not very good. My omelette was eh, as was the dressing on the salad. And our friend didn't like her escargot. We did have a nice whtie wine, though.

          1. We must be in the minority about the food- the fixed price dinner is great-
            the onion soup is killer- and the rack of lamb is fantastic..

            Only negative- the waitstaff can get a little surly to "where IS the waiter"---

            But we try to go at least once a year down there--

            1. Ok, thanks all for the reviews, we tried it and it was pretty good! The surly grandmotherly type hostess was not so friendly, but our Brazilian waiter was great. The onion soup was loaded with cheese and not too salty. The type of cheese must have been authentic since it tasted better than most onion soups I've tried. Others in our party got the escargot and liked it, it arrived still sizzling in the dish! The salad and the dressing lacked imagination, but the entrees (shrimp creole, chicken, veal and duck) were all great. This was not the best meal we've had, but for the price, for example the chicken was approx $21 you cannot beat the value. Included in that price is the appetizer, salad, entree , dessert and coffee! All were full sized courses. The only thing we were disappointed in was that the gratuity was already added, 15%. How strange? Our bar drinks were prepared perfectly although we ordered them with several specifications. All the food was piping hot and the rolls served warm and very crisp, yum! I would recommend this place, it's not 5 star, but it's great for what you pay and what you receive.