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Jan 15, 2007 01:09 PM

Two Boots Restaurant - VEGAN ORGANIC!!!!

Two Boots has always been a favorite of mine for going with the kids. We went the other day and found out that it is now a vegan/organic restaurant with a limited menu as they are just starting up. We were shocked and upset. The kids loved Two Boots as did we. I like delicious vegan organic food, but the kids like their sausage and meatball pizzas. Oh well. Anyone know if the new Two Boots to be opened on Grand St. will be vegan/organic also?

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  1. Which two boots? The restaurant on Ave A?

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    1. Is this the full restaurant on the west side at 37 Avenue A or the Pizzeria/moviehouse on the east side at 42 Avenue A?

      I just tried calling both places. The number for 37 is disconnected, and the guy at 42 said their menu hasn't changed.

      Is this vegan/organic place actually a Two Boots, or a perhaps a different restaurant in the same space?

      1. Two Boots has bifurcated. The sit-down restaurant on the West side of Avenue A is trying new, creative, vegan organic food. The other pizza place locations have their old pizza options.

        1. I've always hated the pizza at Two Boots. Never understood the appeal with so much wonderful pizza. Go to Lombardi's instead :)

          1. Either way, it's not on their website yet...