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Jan 15, 2007 12:17 PM

Miso-glazed sea bass at U.S.S Nemo in Naples [Moved from FL Board]

Anyone have any hints about how to duplicate the miso-glazed "Chilean sea bass" served at U.S.S. Nemo in Naples. This is their signature dish and is wildly popular (I heard that 70% of their customers order it). I'd love to make and serve it to my own guests.

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  1. Hi, Tom! I've not had that particular dish at Nemo's because sea bass is being overfished but here's a recipe that might be very close to what they make at Nemo's, see link below. (Though I do prepare miso glazed cod at home since it's a wild fish, not farmed and not on endangered list.) Also, if you try it out, you can buy miso at the Asia Pok Market on Pine Ridge Road just next to Paul's Donut's:

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      Thanks, I'll try it. BTW, it's not actually sea bass, but rather Patagonian Toothfish, that is usually what they call sea bass on menus. I suppose any other mild white-fleshed fish might be substituted. It's really the preparation and the sauces that make the dish.

    2. mine is similar to the above, but i use equal parts sugar and red miso, which is how nobu does his black cod. don't be afraid of the sugar amount,it makes the dish.