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Jan 15, 2007 10:59 AM

One Night in Grand Paris cap off a two week trip in Tuscany and Provence. Will be with my husband and parents. Looking for a memorable meal and a leisurely evening, something indicative of Paris but not outrageously priced, nor formal or stuffy. Would lean more toward homestyle cooking than haute cuisine. Thanks very much in advance.

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  1. I loved Le P'tit Troquet in the 7th. It's a very small, family-run bistro. Dad is the chef, Mom is the hostess, daughter the waitress. Very charming and kind. 29e for 3 courses. Fabulous food. Homemade breads and desserts, as well as wonderful main dishes. This place was recommended to me by someone who lives in the neighborhood several months out of the year and I was so glad we took his advice.

    1. I would highly recommend La Maison du Jardin, 27, Rue de Vaugirard, 6th arr. Tel. 01 45 48 22 31, M°: Rennes.
      Wonderful small, cozy place with delicious homestyle food. Daily changing specials. Three courses run at about 30€. Lots of regulars. Reservation highly recommended. Closed Sat lunch and Sunday all day.
      Compared to Le P'tit Troquet, it's less noisy and you'll have a bit more space around your table.

      A similar charmer, but in the 5th arr. would be Le Petit Pontoise, 9, Rue de Pontoise, Tel. 01 43 29 25 20, M°: Maubert-Mutualité. Open daily. Lots of daily changing specials on the 'ardoise' (chalk board). Again, reservation highly recommended.

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        Thanks Dodo, exactly what I was looking for. We'll be staying near the Louvre. Are either of these restaurants within walking distance, and if so, which would provide the nicest stroll through Parisian neighborhoods for first timers to the city?

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          Go for the Petit Pontoise. You'll have a lovely walk between your lodgings and the hotel...just make sure you have an umbrella, just in case!

      2. What time of year and what day of the week would you be in Paris? And how far are you willing to walk? And towards which end of the Louvre would you be staying?

        For some reason, La Fontaine de Mars popped into my head. It's Southwest cooking but not in any way a pretentious place. The owner, Mme Boudon, is very friendly and welcoming and the place is very relaxed. The restaurant, depending on which end of the Louvre your lodging is located, would be maybe a 30-40 minute walk, give or take. You would walk across the Place de la Concorde, cross the Seine in front of the National Assembly, cut through the esplanade des Invalides, and then walk maybe 5 or 6 blocks west (towards the Eiffel Tower, which you will see directly in front of you) down the rue St.-Dominique. The walk is probably a bit farther than the walk to either of the restaurants mentioned above, but not that much farther.

        La Fontaine de Mars
        129, rue Saint-Dominique
        75007 Paris (OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK)

        1. next to the louvre try le grand coulbert

          1. Fountain De Mars and Petit Troquet are good bets I agree. Au Bon Acceuil is another nice place and you can stroll to the Eiffel Tower after dinner weather permitting. Maybe take the Metro one way and walk one way, cause I would say it is a good 45 minute walk from the Louvre to that area of the 7th. Florimond another good place in the 7th. Enjoy your trip!