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Jan 15, 2007 09:50 AM

Best eclair ever

Discovered Coffee Time Bake Shop last month and they are great! The baker takes a lot of pride in his work.. We had the mini eclairs and mini bismarks and shorbread cookies. Yum! Most eclairs taste about the same to me and i have had gourmet ones that i didnt like, but these were wonderful.. The pastry was very light, and the custard had a really delicious homemade flavor, and the chocolate ganache on top was perfect. The whipped cream bismarks are great too. Their stuff is less sweet than most places, which is a good thing for sure. It ain't Dunkin Donuts, even if it looks a bit like one! We also ordered the strawberry shortcake for a birthday. full of whipped cream, excellent cake and fresh strawberries. It was a big hit. Very moist, flavorful and light. Can't wait to go back and try the famous paczis( not sure of spelling). I just read some reviews here of Beard Papas which i have been wanting to try, but doesnt sound like its worth the trip to Boston, with the eclairs you can get up here!

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  1. Is this the place in Wakefield by the train station? If so, I've gotten an assortment of their muffins and liked them very much.

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      Cocolate covering at Russos ,watertown is best we've ever had. Custard filling at Victoria Pastry in San Francisco is , for us, without equal

    2. I'm not into their italian pastries, but the cream puffs and eclairs at Fiore's Bakery in Jamaica Plain are first class. The filling in both is wonderful, and not too sweet, and the choux paste is just right. The chocolate on the eclairs is very dark, and again, not too sweet.

      1. The New Paris Bakery in Brookline Village specializes in eclairs. It is an old fashioned, European style bakery that also does nice chocolates.

        1. No, sorry, i didnt mention location! It's in Salem near the bridge between Salem and Beverly. The place is Wakefield is more of a standard donut shop, although for a very fun novelty they do a really unique hamburger and hotdog donut. Hamburger donut is a chocolate glazed between two halfs of a donut with colorful condiments.

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            Chuck is right! New Paris Bakery has the most very delicious tiny little pop in your mouth tender and sweet eclairs with perfect icing. They have white and chocolate ones and they are irresistable. I love the woman that owns and runs the shop. Her and her husband are as sweet as their pastries.

            1. re: hoplover

              I've long been a fan of New Paris Bakery - first tried their mini eclairs in 1974! But I bought a dozen recently, maybe a couple of months ago, and was really disappointed in them. They were not especially flavorful and the pastry cream has a weird overly stiff consistency, like there was a lot of flour or other thickener in it.

              1. re: Allstonian

                Also, the chocolate tasted like its key ingredient was wax. Worst eclairs I've had in ages.

                We recently got a couple of decent eclairs from the revived Daniels Bakery in Brighton Center. Those weren't bad, but they weren't the best I've ever had.

                1. re: Allstonian

                  they have changed ownership at least once since the mid-80's

              2. re: chompie

                Is it near that brick motel? Can't remember the name of it.

              3. While I won't declare them the best I've ever had, I'm happy to report that BFP and I got some very nice eclairs and whipped cream bismarks at Antoine's Pastry Shop in Newton. It's especially nice to find such good pastry in such an accessible spot - we go to Russo's about biweekly to stock up, and it's barely out of our way to hit Antoine's on the way home.