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Jan 15, 2007 08:55 AM

Bread Pudding Anyone

I would like a recipe for the Best Bread Pudding, ever! My freind says she makes the best, need to give her another one. She tried, but no gold medal. HELP!

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    1. re: JGrey

      No I have not tried it, were do I get it at? OH I GOT IT! thanks

      1. re: Connie Bevier

        Click on the link in my post above.

        1. re: Connie Bevier

          Have made Prudhomme's recipe for years and have never received anything but raves when it's been served. Easy, tasty, what one wants in a great bread pudding.

      2. I've used this recipe several times and substituted croissant for french bread. huge huge hit!

        1. That Paul Prudhomme recipe looks a lot like what I used to make, with some small but significant changes:
          - I never made a separate sauce (ie., not the lemon or chantilly)
          - I always add some booze (bourbon is best, brandy (cognac) is good, or liquers like fra angelico, etc.)
          - I use sliced brioche if I can find it, or challah (easier to find). The egg and butter enriched dough brings it to another level. However, I find that croissants are simply too much extra butter (have you ever made croissants?).

          1. Try making bread budding with good bakery raisin bread or good Pannetone (I like the kind without all the citron)... They add extra flavor... A little cinnimon and/or nutmeg help too.

            1. You can never go wrong with Ina's Croissant Bread Pudding. I'd substitute dried cherries for the raisins, but that's my personal preference. Some people like to add a little cinnamon and nutmeg, too.