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Jan 15, 2007 07:40 AM

good eats in los altos?

the BF and i took a stroll through los altos this weekend (cute downtown - lots of nail salons and jewelry stores) and we found the cravery franchise which makes pot pies. we picked up some pot pies to go but i'm wondering what's the dining like in los altos - any good restaurants in the area that you would recommend?

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    1. It's been awhile since I've been there, but I've always really liked Los Altos Grill. It's related to Houston's in SF and I can't remember the other Napa outlet. It's not cheap but I do love the rotisserie chicken, artichokes and garlic mash. I've also had some great steak there, too.

      1. Another thumbs up for Sumika. There's also a new Moroccan restaurant called Zitune that looks interesting, but I'm not sure how good it is. There's also a new Vietnamese restaurant near Main and Foothill called Minh's. Estrellita and Pho Vi Hoa, both off of San Antonio, seem to be popular as pretty good Mexican and Pho.

        Los Altos has had a dearth of good restaurants in the past, but that might be changing slightly.

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        1. Estrellita is much more than "pretty good" Mexican - it's probably the best sit-down Mexican in the area, as long as you stick to the specials and the Chicken Oaxaca. I was unimpressed with the Pho place across the street.

          Downtown, Zitune is indeed excellent, and Sumika is on our list of places to try. If you like sandwiches, the Godfather at the Italian Deli is really good. Minh's was OK when we visited but the menu seemed considerably less intersting than at their other locations.

          That's about it for chow-worthy restaurants, though I'm sure others will disagree. We're still a long way from Mountain View for overall restaurant quality, but at least things are moving up after years of stagnation.


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            we walked by minh's and looked inside - very nice bar, decor. but i wonder if i could pay less at a less-nicer place and still get a good meal.

          2. I've eaten twice at Minhs Vietnamese Restaurant on Main Street in Los Altos and both times had very, very good food. The sea bass in a banana boat, the sea bass with lemon grass, the sweet and sour soup, the appetizers with a really uniquely delicious nuoc cham are all worth a trip to Los Altos. The only part of the dinner that was dull was the banana flambe for dessert. Otherwise, I plan to go some more and wander thruough the rest of their menu.

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              thanks for this post! we did see the effiel tower vietnamese place but didn't see minhs. we'll have to check it out.