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Jan 15, 2007 07:21 AM

Searching for the new favorite light and healthy lunch spot in Hollywood

It's that time of the year...
Trying to shed those extra pounds from the holidays.

Can anyone recommend some good, (and not too pricey) places to get lunch or dinner in the Hollywood area?

I've gone to Zen Zoo too many times and ordered their Crystal Shrimp dumplings and tofu bowls.

I'm up for any kind of food- ethnic, salad bar, sushi, hell- tell me about a healthy fast food drive-through and I'm there!

(Just try to keep it close to Hollywood, please.)

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  1. I believe if your explore the "M Cafe' De Chaya" website you'll find what your looking for:

    1. Also, the Nite Moon cafe in Golden Bridge Yoga is good, just across from the back of the Arclight. It's vegetarian and open until around 8 or 9 at night, so you can even go if you need something healthy before a movie.
      Here's a post about it.

      1. Leaf on Santa Monica and Flores. It's a vegan, raw food restaurant that just opened...went there yesterday for lunch and they are super nice and offer tons of samples.

        1. Those all sound good. I will try them all. Thanks, and please send more as you find them!