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Jan 15, 2007 07:06 AM

Looking for a wine store that sells Silvaner Grape wine

Specifically, Ruder Dr. Becker. In Los Angeles or an online store that ships to Los Angeles. Please help!

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  1. Check out or send an email to: and ask who their U.S. distributor is. That will help you find a retailer near you.

    Alternatively, you could contact Dee Vine Wines -- -- which carries an extensive selection of German wines. They're in San Francisco, and if they don't have it, they may know who does.

    Keep in mind, however that Silvaner (or "Sylvaner," in English and French) is not the most popular of grape varieties, and although many German vintners make a Silvaner, they may not sell it in the U.S., simply because there is no demand for it.

    Another way to think about it is that, in the 1960s, California had a LOT of Sylvaner planted, but today -- there is so little left that the California Agricultural Statistics Service doesn't even track Sylvaner as a separate variety. They merely lump it in with "Other." In contrast, there were 2,329 acres of White Riesling planted in California in 2005, making it the 7th most popular white grape variety planted in the state -- behind Chardonnay (95,021 acres), Colombard (29,455), Sauvignon Blanc (15,462), Chenin Blanc (10,695), Pinot Gris (7,245), and Muscat of Alexandria (3,361).

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      You must be a sommelier! Thank you for the knowledge. I will definitely try your recommendations.

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        You're welcome . . .

        I'm not a sommelier by any means, but 35 years ITB should account for something! ;^)

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        The CA distributor is Hudson & Green (800-552-9463). They should be able to direct you to a store.

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          1. Hmm, quite interesting about the Franken Riesling 'alias'. I did find that info, but I can't imagine there are any Franken producers who import it into the US under that name. German wines are a hard enough sell. A producer importing Franken Riesling and Riesling is just asking for trouble.

            I've never seen Sylvaner labeled as anything but that. Now if someone could just do something about how to efficiently store bocksbeutel in a home cellar...

            1. Rancho Sisquoc Winery in Santa Barbara County produces a Sylvaner. This is the only one I know of on the central coast of California. I always thought that it was the best wine that they produce.