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Jan 15, 2007 06:07 AM

suggestions for simple places

I'll be in Paris (my 2nd visit) from 5-9 February (noon Monday to noon Fri more or less). Last time (2004) we hit many small neighborhood-type bistros and had a ball (esp. at Les Petits Marseillais (3rd), Le Petit Caboulot (18th), and La Gavroche
(2nd)) at almost every one.

This time I have a tight budget again but was looking for suggestions for simple neighborhood places for (for example) confit de canard, pates/terrines, riz de lait, washed down with un pichet du vin maison, all music to the palate of this raging Francophile. I would especially appreciate any locations with distinctive wine features (ie, a house Beaujolais made for them, etc.). I want to linger, relax and take in the sights and sounds of the city and its people while dining.

I'm staying in the 10th but will go anywhere in the city and I speak a hapless, hideously accented but (in the end) passable French.

Help is much appreciated, and I can reciprocate with suggestions in Philadelphia, NYC and Chicago.

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  1. For tight budgets, may I suggest :
    - "Le ribouldingue" 10, rue Saint Julien le Pauvre 75005 PARIS T 01 46 33 98 80 m° Saint-Michel
    - "Giufeli" 129 rue du chateau 75014 Paris.
    Google them and see if you're tempted.

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    1. re: Theobroma

      Went to Giufeli last night and had a great dinner. For the price, the food is unrivaled. The deserts were perfect (had "granma's" tiramisu and my date had a warm chocolate tart). Great suggestion!

    2. I love Le Rubis at 10 rue du Marche St Honore (1st). It is quite cheap, and very basic - lots of scary sausage on the menu.

      The owner is from Beaujolais so has quite a selection of wines - some very rough others good (all far to cold - in the best french tradition). It closes quite early - 9:00pm from memory. So maybe best for lunch.

      It is also just around the corner from "Collette" (Rue St Honore) if you want to check out this fashion icon.

      1. You might enjoy Jacques Melac, a wine bar in the 11th. Simple, rustic food and a great selection of wines by the glass. It's not a fancy place - prices are very reasonable.

        1. I am very fond of the Clown (pronounced Cloon) Bar near the winter circus. It is a fun wine bar with good food. Also, Chez Denise in the first arr. is essential for the Paris Bistrot experience. It is open 24hrs a day from Monday to Friday.

          For fun try the Cave a L'Os a Moelle in the 15th arr. It is lively and as the annex to L'Os a Moelle across the street, has excellent food.

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          1. re: faijay

            I forgot Jacques Melac in the 11th. It's a fun wine bar and they are the only place with grape vines in Paris. They are very strong in Beaujolais.

          2. I would recommend Au Pied du Fouet in the 7th arrondissement. It's on the rue Vaneau and rue Babylone. Classic French absolutely tiny restaurant really good for a week night and all the waiters speak English. The menu isn't the most creative ever but everything is delicious. The owner is always there and is very friendly as are the staff. One of my favorites.