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Jan 15, 2007 05:15 AM

Chinese Food Sherman Oaks? Help.

I just moved to Sherman Oaks. You know, the historic artist community just over the hill founded in the 1950s by poets and communists? So I moved there and I can't find good chinese food for the life of me. Japanese is well covered. Chinese...not so much. Help me Chowhound board readers.

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  1. sam woo on sepulveda and victory, next door to 99 ranch market.

    1. My favorite when I lived in SO was: Bamboo on Ventura Blvd.

      Here's their web site:

      1. Bamboo is top end with top end prices. Sam Woo's is very very good and also inexpensive. On Sherman Way between Fulton and Coldwater on the south side of the street is a place in a strip mall called BBQ Unlimited. Much like Sam Woo's but also very very good and also inexpensive. I tend to go to BBQ Unlimited because they carry the steamed chinese pork buns and chicken buns and sui mei at prices that approximate Chinatown and are exceptional for the valley. At Bamboo by the way be sure to order the mionced chicken in lettuce leaves (really good). Also Bamboo has a full bar. Love Chinese appetizers and a martini.

        1. Do you want authentic Chinese food or Americanized Chinese food? I grew up in San Gabriel Valley, and there is just no comparison in the Valley. I have tried the other chowhound recs (i.e. Yangchow), and mostly they are americanized chinese.
          Here are the only places where there is decent authentic Chinese food (about 6 out of 10 scale) that is edible but not stellar:

          Mandarin Deli for noodles in Northridge
          A&W seafood (Cantonese) in Northridge
          Sam Woos (BBQ)

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          1. re: WHills

            You should try BBQ Unlimited on Sherman Way, WHills -- it's quite authentic yuecai and, as Hugh said, it's the only place in the East Valley where you can buy dim sum for anything like SGV prices ($0.60 for cha shu bao, lai wong bao, gai bao and jin deui, $0.55 for shiu mai, and $0.80 for rice cake and yau ja gwai).

            For Americanised, I like China Lites on Laurel Canyon and Chandler.

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              What kind of food do they serve for lunch/dinner? Is it like Sam Woo's menu? I'm not too crazy for dim sum but always up for some authentic Chinese food.

              1. re: WHills

                It's yuecai food (Cantonese cuisine) -- so you have your assortment of seafood soups, the usual barbecued stuff (pork, duck, soy sauce chicken, etc. etc.). Lots of steamed fish, salt-and-pepper shrimp (and squid), juk (rice porridge) with the usual accompaniments and of course any kind of Chinese green you should want, usually with pork or oyster sauce.

                The menu is similar to Sam Woo, but they have a bit more choice. The decor is quite run-down, but the food is excellent. I've found that ordering in Cantonese results in better food and worse (or more typical, I should say) service.

          2. I like hong kong 88 on sepulveda, Sam Woo's also on Sepulveda, and A&W in northridge