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Popeye's on Yonge Street - does it suck?!

I was at Yonge & Bloor earlier today and passed by a Popeye's chicken franchise, which I've never noticed before.

I've only eaten at Popeye's once, in Covington LA, and I loved it. But the posters here say they're highly location-dependent.

So...... is the Toronto one any good? And are the menu items the same as elsewhere - red beans, dirty rice, biscuits......?

(I have to say it didn't look promising; dark and mostly-empty, with kind of smeary windows. But oh, I hope it's good :-)

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    1. the food's okay at this location but the service is terrible. The guy taking my order pretty well grunted at me when I asked a question. When I told the manager he truly didn't care. Haven't been back and won't.

      1. I've only been to this location twice and thought it sucked. The one further south, at Dundas, is alot better.

        1. Yeah, I didn't even know about the Dundas one until I read Gary's link - essentially the same conversation, about six months ago. Gotta love Chowhound :-)

          I'll try Dundas which is closer to me anyway. Thanks guys.

          1. Sorry, I made a mistake; it was the Yonge Dundas location with the bad service.

            1. I was about to say, the Dundas one has HORRIBLE service.

              1. I'll vouch for that one. I've never been to the Yonge and Bloor Popeye's, but Yonge and Dundas is special.

                Although the quality of food and service varies wildly from one Popeye's location to another, Yonge and Dundas has made me feel they don't much care about my business, or anyone else's business. Customers seem to be an annoying intrusion who are not particularly welcome.

                If struck with a Popeye's craving at Yonge and Dundas, I'd probably head out to Thorncliffe Park. (I've never tried the one at Spadina and College. Anyone else been??)

                1. Embee, that's exactly how the Yonge & Bloor one makes me feel! "You want chicken? AND a biscuit? <sigh> I guess so..."

                  Only been to the College & Spadina one once, but the owner served me and was SO friendly and courteous.

                  1. im mostly new at this but im wondering the popeyes at yonge and bloor
                    any good ?

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                    1. I have to admit - I'm not a fan of the franchise at all.

                      1. It used to be good (circa 95), but has gone downhill.

                        1. Yeah the one at Yonge/Bloor is bad, but I had a good experience foodwise and service-wise at the Yonge/Dundas location. The manager was pleasant and smiled. There was no bad oil taste like the Bloor one had. A small issue is the different sizes of the pieces. I had the 8 piece meal which is essentially a whole chicken; the 2 white meat pieces were the whole chick breast spilt in half. Having a half breast all by itself was a little too much! There then were the drumstick and wing pieces which are too tiny, especially compare to that.

                          1. Popeyes anywhere doesn't suck...it's a fast food franchise for gawd's sake...they're all the same...and while I tend not to frequent franchises...I do Loooove Popeye's once in a while

                            1. I always crave Popeye's mashed potatoes, that spicy gravy is what it's about!
                              I've only had the Yonge Dundas one and the one at York U, both are fairly similar to me. I've had some in Detroit, and I find there's more variety in Detroit but the gravy isn't as spicy. It's a little more fried in Detroit, and slightly bigger portions but no big difference I'd say in terms of taste.