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Jan 15, 2007 04:17 AM

Culinary Guidebook for NYC

I'll be visiting NY next month and wanted to purchase a guidebook that had great restaurant info. I know there is always Chowhound, but I'm not sure I'll have internet access during my visit. Any ideas on a good book we can use? Thanks!

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    1. re: dkstar1

      that says it all. It's inexpensive and easy to carry. Do get the most up to date copy--the 2007 edition. Buy it at home (large bookstores) or online perhaps (, not sure if on Amazon or Barnes & Noble) or as soon as you arrive. It's a very popular point of sale items in many types of stores in Manhattan. It does include the Outer Boroughs.

    2. Zagat's should be used as a telephone and address directory and nothing more.


      1. I like the Time Out New York Eating and Drinking Guide.

        You can get it along with Zagat for 20 bucks.

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        1. re: pacz

          I am amazaed that Zagat is recommeded here. Zagat is the antithesis of what this site is all about, If you need a reference, the Timeout guide is decent, easy carry, etc....Zagat is great guide in deciding where NOT to go...

        2. I found this book very useful when it was current and found some places I enjoyed when on holiday there (Spoonbread, Rissoteria etc). I don't know when it was last updated though and is sure to get out of date very quickly, I would think on-line forums such as the New York board here would be your best bet

          1. If you are of an adventurous bent, you couldn't do better than The Food Lover's Guide to the Best Ethnic Eating in New York City by Robert Sietsema. A great Calvin Trillin introduction, some of the best food writing in NYC, and a roster of amazing places you absolutely wouldn't find on your own. A copy of Sietsema, supplemented by a recent issue of New York magazine for the more mainstream places - that's all you need.