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Jan 15, 2007 03:47 AM

Any suggestions for Valentine's Day Dinner in Los Angeles?

We've been to Providence, L'Orangerie (closed) Bastide, and other places for Valentines but we're looking for something new, romantic, innovative and with a free table. Any of you lovebirds out there have any ideas?

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  1. Unfortunately we will be in Oahu but we would have picked this if we were in Pasadena.

    Valentine’s Day at Bistro K (2007)

    “Food for love and love for food”


    Suckling Pig Head Cheese, Xeres Vinegar

    New Zealand Venison Tartar, Sonoma Duck Foie Gras Torchon Sashimi, Galangal Gellee and Bouquet of Frisee Salad

    Sautéed John Dory, Lobster Tapioca Pudding with Cep Mushrooms, Dusted with a Fresh Black Truffle and Roasted Rice Powder

    Pistachio Mousse, Grapefruit Jelly, Dungeness crab and Sea Urchin

    Your choice of
    Roasted Duck Breast Served with its Confit Duck leg Egg Roll, Yuzu Glaze Jus, Panna Cotta with Fresh Figs Chutney and Long Peppercorn


    Loin of Colorado Lamb, Stuffed With a Pastilla Filling Served with a Warm Vegetable Moroccan Salad In Argan Oil, a light Ras el Hanout Jus

    Surprise Dessert

    $60.00 per person plus tax, NO CORKAGE CHARGE, BRING YOUR OWN WINES.

    1. La Cachette on Little Santa Monica west of Beverly Glen.
      Delicious food- and Charming.

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        That's a great idea! I was there a long time ago and remember it as very romantic

      2. Don't go to a restaurant on Valentine's day! They are way to busy and the food isn’t as good as when everything isn't that hectic (and everything isn't reserved already). Cook something special, and make a romantic dinner at home...