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Jan 15, 2007 03:05 AM

Yatai on Sunset...With a 20% off coupon!

Went to Yatai on Sunset tonight (Sunday night)...this Asian "small plates" restaurant is a gem.

This was our third visit to Yatai (On Sunset, just west of La Cienega...My girlfriend and I are stunned that more people aren't talking about this place...GREAT value, nice venue, friendly service, and most of all, GREAT food.

On their website right now is a 20% off coupon for parties up to four (Sunday through Thursday)...check out

Tonight, we had three soju cocktails (one pineapple, one grapefruit, and one "mojito"), as well as one beer and one hot and one iced tea...then the food:

Albacore sashimi with crispy onions and ponzu-My absolute favorite sashimi is albacore, and Yatai does it better than anyone.

Kimchi-We love it...just a nice little spicy dish...we fought over the last couple of pieces.

Agadashi Tofu-Yes, I probably spelled it wrong, but it tasted just wonderful! Kind of a tempura tofu with a savory broth.

Sauteed Kurobuta pork with kimchi-maybe my favorite of the night. Just spicy enough, but the flavors worked together in a way I hadn't expected...

Octopus Balls-My least favorite of the night, but tasty, nonetheless. I had never had this dish before, but what it amounted to was fried balls of mashed potatoes with bits of octopus. I might not order this again, but it wasn't bad, and why order something that isn't great?

Chili cream soft shell crab-Unbelievable! Ok, I take back what i said earlier...THIS was my favorite dish of the night! Crispy and hot tempura soft shell crab, tossed with a chili cream sauce and served with greens and a spicy aioli. Soft Shell Crab is "must order" for me at any restaurant, be it sushi or otherwise, and this one takes the cake!

The total for everything was $62, minus 20%, which made it $50. Plus a $13 tip, and we had an OUTSTANDING meal, cocktails, soft drinks, and great service, in Hollywood, for $63.

This restaurant seems to be busy on Fridays and Saturdays, but on Sundays, the place is yours! Free parking in the shopping center next door, too. has the 20% off coupon.

8535 W Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90069

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  1. With the exception of the albacore sashimi with crispy onions review (Katsu-Ya and Koi's versions tickle my fancy so much more; Yatai's was too bland for my tastes), I gotta give another thumbs up for Yatai! A friend and I took advantage of their Happy Hour specials last Friday and stuffed ourselves silly with the $4-5 rolls and soju drinks. We shared about 10 tapas (yes, hungry girls) and has 4 drinks each - total was around $100. With 20% off during the week, Yatai will definitely be receiving repeat business from me!

    1. Yatai rocks. Love the Indian Beef Curry, aforemetioned Kurobuta pork, Eel Sate, large shumai like dumplings, Pumpkin Tempura w/ Curry Salt.

      1. What do you think is keeping Yatai so empty? Especially on weeknights, when parking isn't a problem?