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Jan 15, 2007 02:35 AM

Flan around poughkeepsie

Its recently come to my attention that my girlfriend has never had flan, and I feel the need to rectify the situation. When I stop to think of it, however, I can't think of where good flan is to be found in he general poughkeepsie area. I'm sure Santa Fe up in Tivoli must have it, but I was wondering if anyone could give me other recommendations?

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  1. Try Tacocina, on Rte 9 in Wappingers Falls. We just ate there this weekend for the first time for a very inexpensive lunch while out running some errands. It a small market with a few tables in the back. We had a burrito with chorizo and chicken enchilladas, both delicious, but they appeared to specialize in tacos. The owner/cook was preparing them while we ordered and I definitely will try them next time.
    They serve a wonderful flan, too.

    1. Flan is VERY common in most of latin america including mexico. Most those lil restaurants on main street in pok have flan i have only been to la cabanita and el bracero both good...Oh thers also jades bakery which is mexican i believe right around la cabanita which might have flan but im not sure. anyways most of those places probably have flan. Try it out.

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        oh, I realize that there are lots of places that'd serve it, its just a question of who makes it well. I've found that a lot of places which are otherwise good (like la cabanita, whose tortas are fantastic), make a pretty mediocre flan.