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Jan 15, 2007 02:28 AM

Fine Dining Lunch; Please help me choose


I have to make reservations ASAP and I am sort of at a loss. I thought I had made up my mind to reserve Le Grand Vefour. However, the lunch menu is 78 Euros. There are three of us, and everyone thinks it is worth the splurge, but maybe me. It seems like so much money and my husband and I are paying for two...

Anyway, I wonder about some of the other choices with lunch menus:
Taillevent is 70 Euro
Le Celadon is much less

Does anyone have an opinion of a knock out all time great lunch that is the most delicious for the money. Delicious and thrilling in taste weigh more heavily than rare crystal and little stools for my purse.

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  1. Taillevent doesn't offer the e70 lunch anymore, the two choices are e140 and e190.

    Personally, I think Taillevent is worth it. Esp if you get the winepairings with it (wine pairings for two were e117, and were the best food value we had on our entire trip).

    IMHO, you can taste the the quality difference at Taillevent over other places at less cost. You most definately are not paying for the rare crystal and little stools but for the service and expertise in the kitchen . . . and the 9+ courses of incredible food. If you go with a lesser priced place you can also have a great meal, but I daresay you will notice the difference in the kitchen.

    that being said, the e13 falafel plate at L'As was also delicious.

    on our next trip to Paris, we will eat more at both ends of the spectrum and less in the middle.

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      Yikes, that is helpful and confusing. Taillevent's website lists the menu, but I guess it could be wrong. Hmmm...

      I definetly can not afford the more expensive menus. And since I don't drink alcohol, the wine would not be a part of the decision.

      I'm hoping for more, but thank you very much.

    2. The website is outdated, I think. We were at Taillevent for lunch two weeks ago.

      I think there are lots of other options for you. Hopefully someone with the right experience will come along soon.

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        Or, you could just give Taillevent a call and clarify the lunch situation. If they still have the 70€ menu for déjeuner, run-dont-walk to make a reservation. If not, then search elsewhere. If you want fine but not snooty, I'd also suggest l'Ourcine in the 13th. The place is bistro-like on a small side street, but the food and service has been some of the best I've had (aside from Taillevent).

      2. Hi
        What about "L'angle du Faubourg", Taillevent's second restaurant? This is very refined and they have an affordable lunch menu.
        Hiramatsu (french cuisine despite the name) as well has a lunch menu.
        Both of them are really excellent.

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        1. re: Theobroma

          Hiramatsu's 48 Euro lunch is terrific-when we were there, along with all the usual extra's, we received a third entree plate. The service is very correct, and it's a lovely room.
          Also-when we were there midweek in November, Taillevent had the 70 Euro lunch-we had it.

          1. re: David W

            I'm intrigued, what were you served at the E70 lunch? was it a tasting style menu, if so, how many courses?

            1. re: orangewasabi

              My feeble memory recalls an initial offering of gougeres, followed by an amuse, a first (I had foie gras in a vegetable stew broth), a second of duck and a dessert, with added chocolates and other tidbits-I'm sorry to say I can't remember anything but that it was very good and very relaxing. My partner in crime isn't available for consultation at the moment, so that's the best I can do. I think there were two choices, at most three for each course.

        2. I had a very disappointing meal and terribly neglectful service the last time I ate at Tallevent after 30 years of good food and service. I suggest the dining room at the Le Meurice for the 75Euro lunch. Its an elegant setting, good service and exceptional food. TRB

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            ohhh dear, that would be a letdown. What was it that made the meal disappointing? It's hard to imagine neglectful service there!

          2. My uncle just made a reservation for lunch there in Feb, they said on the phone the menu was 90-100 E without wine, here's hoping the service is still good!