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Cozy but Cool Places for Drinks in Pasadena

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As the nights are getting chillier, does anyone know of warm cozy places for drinks, either alcoholic or hot beverages like cider/cocoa, in the Pasadena area?

Fireplaces are always good, but just nice comfy sofas and a cozy environment would be great.


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  1. Try Magnolia's on South Lake. Cool and intimate. Drinks are strong and very friendly environment.

    1. I really like the wine bar at the Crepe Vine. It is cozy, a little dark and has good food.

      1. For wine, try VERTICAL WINE BISTRO.

        For hot chocolate or mocha, try ZONA ROSA or CAFE CULTURE.

        1. I second Crepe and Vine for wine. Equator coffee shop is laid back and casual for hot chocolate.

          1. Try the cute, English-style wine bar (small, dimly lit room) at Madeleine, on Greenstreet.

            The handsome bar (with music playing) at the Ritz Huntington is also a great place to wind down.

            1. I like Crepe Vine, Bodega Wine Bar (in the Paseo), Red White + Bluezz & Magnolia's on Lake


              1. This is in Eagle Rock, but it is perfect for what you are looking for. It has a fireplace, and it's very cozy but very cool inside: The Chalet on Colorado. It's like the inside of a ski chalet.

                1. I really like The Raymond (please get directions, easy to miss) on Fair Oaks on the Pas/So. Pas. border.

                  Cozy Craftsman house converted to food - good wine list, cocktails and a fireplace. Cozy, yes - cool? Subjective.


                  1. Bean Town is a very cozy place and I especially like their white hot chocolate. Oh, and they have some nice comfy couches!