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Jan 15, 2007 01:43 AM

Country Deli Chatsworth Review

Early Sunday Dinner

Summary- So-So. Definitely not in Brent's League.

Kreplach Soup- Lacked chicken flavor in the broth, which was thin. Chicken was dry and overcooked, Kreplach was smaller than Brent's, but decent flavor. Lots of noodles.

Corned Beef Sandwich- The corned beef was machine sliced, many notches below Brent's in flavor, texture, and spicing. Not hot enough. Rye Bread was good, not as chewy or flavorful as other places.

Onion Rings- Institutional breaded, but well fried.

Pickles- A bit dried out, a bit small of a plate.

In short, I had high hopes, and it wasn't a place I'd avoid, but it isn't in the league of the Valley heavy hitters.

In fairness, we were there right after 5, they may have needed some time to get going.

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  1. Yes...I have been going there for a long time. I like the breakfasts and lunches but dinner time I make the extra 10 minute drive to Brent's. Some of the dinner items are terrible such as the brisket and lataks which are so flavorless. They try but come up short sometimes. I find they have no consistency.

    1. simichow, meet simihound... simihound, simichow.

      Nice to meet you.

      Onthe upside, I ate twice this weekend at Famous Dave's BBQ in Simi Town Center. A chain, but man their rib tips were good.

      1. The wife was there and loved it. I have not had the opportunity yet. I just gotta get away from RED's.