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Jan 15, 2007 01:42 AM

Lunch near Maimonides?

Looks like I will be spending a good chunk of time at the hospital. Any suggestions for lunch within walking distance?

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  1. If you feel like taking a short ride on the B11 bus you can go east to DiFara or west to the 8th Ave. Chinatown or the 5th Ave. Latino strip.

    1. Try Miller's Diner. It's underneath the El on New Utrecht and 56th Street

      1. Is Millers the only option within walking distance? A find or do-able? I may brown bag it...

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          Besides the greasy spoons next door to the hospital on Ft Hamilton Pkwy? Nope! Not really. There's a decent Mexican place on the corner of 47th Street and 7th Ave. that I go too when I visit the bike shop next to it, but that's all i can think of (besides Chinatown & Miller's, etc).

        2. There really isn't much within walking distance, if you don't want to take a bus ride or if you don't have a car, brown bag it. Anything decent is really a hike.

          1. There's a good homestyle Polish diner/cafe on the 4700 block of New Utrecht--west/hospital side of the street. Good soups.

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