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Jan 15, 2007 12:40 AM

Your best cookware.......

Starting a wish list for my registry.
Want chowhound opinions on YOUR favorite cookware -versatility, longevity and usability. I have a various array and love my kitchen aide saucepan and an 8in saute by cuisinart. The rest, I can't wait to toss!

What about the kitchenaid mixers? - one of my dream tools for years..

Happy Cooking..

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  1. My Wusthof - Trident knives and my Sidney - Wagner cast iron...old friends they are!

    And my immersion blender - how did we survive without these marvelous inventions?

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      I have two Wagners from my husband's grandparents. They are the most used pans in my house.

    2. Good questions, but I think you are on the wrong board. There are a zillion posts on the Cookware board regarding the KA stand mixer. Also, I'd recommend checking your favorite cookbooks that have recommendations for types of cookware and tools and then do a search w/in the cookware board.

      1. Easy once you cook on 25 mil copper you won't want anything else.

        Now that other idea is a Surlatable or Williams-Sonoma gift certificate. Then you can get what you want.

        1. The very best Pillyvuit and Apilco white porcelain casserole, soufflé and baking dishes, including some covered ones. Also ramekins. Oven-safe. They can be used for casual and formal entertaining. Both companies have been around for well over a century and the designs are beautiful classics.
          Also serving dishes and platters by the same two companies. Maybe a fish platter which looks so wonderful on a buffet table for lots of different foods.
          They are expensive and something you might never buy for yourself but ideal to put on your wish list for wedding gifts.
          I'm still enjoying mine, some daily, 36 years later and they always look classy.

          1. My 5.5 qt Le Crueset dutch oven