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Jan 15, 2007 12:04 AM

chestnut honey?

i need this for a cookie i'm making and i have no idea what it actually is or where to get it. I tried whole foods thinking they have everything interesting like that but no luck. where can i get it? I'm in the pasadena area so, surfas might too far? can someone explain what it is and where i can get it?

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  1. Cheese Store of Beverly Hills sells it. It's a wonderful, earthy honey from Italy.

    1. It is mainly of Italian origin, and is known as Miele di Castagne, it can be purchased at Bristol Farms...although I haven't checked, it is fairly easy to get. It is made from bees that derived their nectar and honey from the chestnut tree, famous in Northern Italy. It is stocked at Irvine Ranch Market in Newport Beach, CA.

      It has a strong pronounced flavour, that is very nice and worth the extra trouble of finding and purchasing it.

      Good Luck!

      1. Italian markets usually sell it, too. I might disagree about the honey being "wonderful" although I agree it's earthy. It's a little bitter. I would send you the one that's been sitting in my cabinet for two years, except it's already been opened. :-)

        1. Whole Foods and any specialty food stores ought to carry jars from at least one producer.

          1. A friend of mine a year ago was looking for it too. She googled it & found a site on line that she orders it from.