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Help me make carrot juice palatable

I just bought a big container of carrot juice thinking I'd like it. I was wrong. It *really* tastes like carrots, except it is unpleasantly sweet. Any tips on how to make it more drinkable? I'd prefer to keep it raw, since I bought it for the vitamins.

Thanks for your help!

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    1. I don't care for carrot juice alone, but I think carrot/orange is okay, so maybe try mixing it with OJ?

      1. Add a little maple syrup or if you prefer savory - add to a V8.

        1. Or mix with apple juice, or some fresh ginger juice, or both.

          1. Just curious.... what brand of carrot juice did you buy?

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              oodwala. do you have a favorite?

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                Odwalla is my favorite. I could drink that stuff down everyday, it's like liquid gold. Not sure how they do it. I think other brands, particulary the canned ones, taste a bit dirty to me, like the carrots weren't properly scrubbed.

            2. Ginger,apple cider and lots of ice!

              1. I juice a lot with my juicer. Love carrot w/apple juice. If you have a juicer, you can add beets and/or cucumber as well. I'm not a big fan of ginger, but many people like it with carrot juice.

                1. Carrot juice just doesn't keep well. It is best made fresh right before drinking. Then it is ambrosial--straight or with ginger, apple, or beet juice.

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                    Is there a particular type or size of carrot you think works better than others?

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                      No; can't say that I've ever paid much attention to the type or size. For juice, you need a lot of carrots, so I usually buy according to price, which means larger packages. Five-pound bags, often.

                      It seems intuitive that smaller carrots would be tastier, though, doesn't it? However, I've read that those "baby" carrots that come ready-to-eat in plastic bags are actually full-size carrots cut down to look like baby carrots.

                      Maybe someone will do a taste test of various types of carrots for juice.

                  2. Thank you everyone -- I will try mixing it in with other types of juice and I'll definitely try with a bit of ginger.

                    1. Some celery or lemon juice will cut the sweetness.

                      1. Odwalla juices aren't "raw" the have been flash pasturized.