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Jan 14, 2007 10:15 PM

Little Bites for a Sunday Night Downtown

We are in the middle of our fab Toronto weekend. So far Lee's was outstanding (at the dining bar and took in the entire scene, shared a great bottle of Cab and worked our way through one of our favorite menus of all time) and Lai Wah Heen equally imporessive. So now, we realize we are on a roll of little bites/plates and would love a suggestion for another ethnic direction to go in this PM...So far you all have been the best guides -- we just need one more suggestion~

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  1. Jamie tonight. Enjoy:)

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    1. re: The Macallan 18

      I've heard people saying good things about the JK Wine Bar, but I haven't been, so I can't comment. But a recent dinner at Jamie Kennedy Restaurant (with a different menu from the wine bar, fortyweeks), located at the back of the wine bar, was abysmal.

      1. re: The Macallan 18

        You were absolutely correct. Nathan and Rebecca behind the dining bar cooked a delicious meal, both on and off the menu. They were enthusiastic, informed and as talented as we have seen in a long while. The other patrons only helped to enhance our fun! Thank you for the recommendation, it was a wonderful experience.

      2. I like Biryani House at Church and Wellesley for Indian.

        Terroni on Queen is great for Italian, which is not really "ethnic," but always simple, lovely and comfortable... also Queen Street locale feels special and "Toronto" despite ubiquity of Italian food here and elsewhere. Drink wine from tumblers, watch what's going on in the open kitchen, and chill.

        Love Pho-Hung for Vietnamese (Chinatown or Bloor Street), but it kinda lacks atmosphere, so if you want to have a glass of vino and hang out on your last night in town, this is a rather in-and-out restaurant choice.

        I've been eager to try to Torito (tapas in Kensington), although again, this is not-quite "ethnic."

        Finally, Jamie Kennedy is fantastic - and if you can get in on Sunday (probably with ease), go for it... great for playing with wine tasting, small-plate approach is good for "lighter" fare, and we always find that the bill seems very light for the quality, innovation and style (note: avoiding the dining room as FG suggests - not! the same experience).