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Jan 14, 2007 10:05 PM

Fairway Favorites?

I live in the 'burbs, and don't get into the city as much as I'd like. So, a couple of days ago, I was in for some dental work, and was psyched that I'd be passing right by Fairway.

Unfortunately, by the time my dentist was done digging, I was not even remotely in the mood to scout out food, so I just grabbed some Rafetto's ravioli and some parmesan and got out.

I have to go back for more dentistry next week, and hope to return for some Fairway goodies, but if last week is any indication, clearly I'll need a list in advance.

Any thoughts on what a delicacy-deprived suburbanite should hunt down at Fairway? Ravioli, cheese, some olives, and ...?


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  1. The Minnesota Chicken Wild Rice soup is divine!

    1. They make their own pot pies that I think are great! Chicken, turkey, or salmon. Yum - great on a cold night.

      1. The turkey chili and the three bean chili are both very, very, tasty. Get a hunk of pecorino romana while you're there to grate on top of either.

        Fairway also carries very good fresh made pastas and pasta sauces and has a substantial cheese department, about 10-15 different olive varieties, and a zillion olive oils, good breads, fruits and veggies.

        1. They have some wonderful breads: the Eli peasant bread and the Sullivan Street Bakery Pain Pugliese are two of my favorites.

          1. yogurt--peach liberte, fage/total.
            relatively inexpensive organic milk and eggs.
            plugra butter.
            dietz and watson turkey bacon (at the deli counter)

            if it wasn't for these things, i'd go elsewhere. i hate the hordes, i hate their shopping carts, i hate myself when there. (fairway brings out the misanthrope in me).

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            1. re: rose water

              Fairway brings out the misanthrope in everyone.

              1. re: selizara

                or the need for Xanax. I really love the place but it drives me crazy that there is olive oil in 3 different places, cheese in 3 areas, cereal in 2...

                1. re: chompchomp

                  Relieved to hear I'm not the only one driven crazy by Fairway. Even as I'm making the effort to research my next trip, I'm remembering that it was a particular visit to Fairway that drove me out of the city! (Well, it was a little more complicated than that.) But yes, misanthropy, here I come!

                  And thank you to all for the shopping list, now in my PDA!

              2. re: rose water

                I go to the Harlem branch on Saturday or Sunday mornings at 8:00 when they open (I'm an early riser). It's a breeze.

                I like their prime meats and D'Artagnan products, the prepared organic soups (in the cold room), olives and olive oils, Murray's rotisserie chicken, the cold cut selection (San Danielle prosciutto, Fra'Manti salumi - which is incredibly good, esp. sliced very thin), cooked turkey drumsticks (easy and tasty dinner), reasonable and good selection of organic produce, their fresh pot cheese, and more.