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Jan 14, 2007 10:04 PM

La Guadalupana for tamles

Can somebody please tell me the current address and phone number of La Guadalupana. I am sending my mom there to buy me some tamales, but i have found at least 3 different addresses and phone numbers, including one here on chowhound at 26th, but that post is dated 2004. has a different address and phone number, and furthermore, senortamale has a different number and different address on 37th. what the dilly?

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  1. La Guadalupana does have more than one location, though it seems that the 26th Street location no longer offers tamales:

    (read down through the thread for mention of other locations


    Could your mother travel to a different neighborhood? A tamaleria which has gotten excellent reviews is Tamales los mejores de Guerrero, in Rogers Park on the far north side:

    Tamales los mejores de Guerrero
    7024 N. Clark
    Chicago, IL

    1. While it's been a while since dongstadden posted, I thought I'd update the response based on what I've learned. Being Mexican, tamales are a Christmas tradition, and no one makes them better than La Guadalupana. They have closed their stores and have become a wholesale company but sell their products, both the tortilla and tamale masa (dough), sauces, corn husks, and pre-cooked tamales, online at While the addresses are different, the phones listed for the ones on 35th & on Archer are the same company. Good luck.

      1. El Milagro Taqueria and Tortilleria on Blue Island and 19th serves up excellent melt in your mouth tamales. Lots of great traditional Mexican food in a clean and bright space and not greasy greasy.