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Best Chicken Box in Baltimore? (yeah, classic baltimore eats)

So, this might be a bit low brow for everyone here, but sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a chicken box. I've only been to a couple places and i've fallen in love with them. song's on calvert street near the banks, and top round on baltimore right off of president. Anyone care to share your favorite place, i'd appreciate it.

also, i've heard that 92Q had done a user survey, and voted on one, but my friend forgets which one got voted the best. anyone remember?

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    1. re: Hal Laurent

      It seems that people eat chicken in a box almost everywhere, but only in Baltimore is it called a "chicken box".

      From Answers.com:
      Another popular Baltimore food item is the "chicken box". A chicken box is an inexpensive meal consisting of 4 or 5 fried chicken pieces served in a fast food carry out box with some kind of starch as a side (e.g. mashed potatoes, fries, rice, but usually biscuits). The item is chiefly sold at independent fried chicken shops and delis in the city. Chicken boxes are usually enjoyed with "Half and Half", a drink combining iced tea and lemonade — referred to elsewhere in the U.S. as an "Arnold Palmer".

    2. yup. 4-5 wings. fries, western fries, or fried rice.
      hotsauce, salt, pepper, ketchup, or old bay on top.

      and half and half is a must.

      the two places are the only places i know of in the inner harbor (where i work), but i'd have to think that there's better and cheaper food in the less touristy parts of the city.

      1. Making me nostalgic with this one. It has been a while since I lived in Baltimore, but Tyrone's usually won in those surveys and makes a great chicken box. I also had a really tasty one not too long ago at one of the Lexington Market places...don't remember the name but it wasn't Park's.

        1. I have no recs to make on this, although I am following the replies carefully. But I love this topic -- this is the kind of thing we need more of.

          Isn't Parks the place that most people recommend for chicken in Lex Mkt?

          1. Ok, so I've never been there but the fried chicken place with the red signs ... I think it's called "New York Fried Chicken" has always intrigued me. It appears to be a local chain, I've seen a couple in the city (often not in the best parts of the city either). But I have often driven by and wondered if lurking behind the storefront was some fabulous food find. I have never gone in to find out because I actually am not that huge of a fried chicken fan (can't tell you last time I had it). But I'd say it's the type of place likely to serve a good "chicken box."

            Can anyone else chime in on it?

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              New York Fried Chicken - i have a friend who tried it and says that it tastes like fish. I'm guessing they fry their lake trout and chicken in the same oil.

            2. I definitely like Park's too...this one I had most recently wasn't at Park's though. Didn't mean to diminish Park's any.

              1. I'm out of my area of expersitse or experience, here, but I seem to recall that there's a place in Hollins market (Chuckie's or something like that?) that seems to get mentioned frequently when the subject of fried chicken comes up. Would they perhaps be a contender?

                This brings to mind memories of a fixture in Chicago - a local chain with seemingly ubiquitous locations (they had it down long before Starbucks!) within the city, particularly the poorer neighborhoods, called (IIRC) Harold, the Fried Chicken King. Their logo is a guy in full chef's outfit, axe held overhard, running after a squawking chicken. It seems like no matter how bombed-out the rest of the surroundings look, the Harold's sign is always brightly lit (and unbroken), and business usually looks to be pretty brisk.

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                1. re: Warthog

                  Fried Chicken in next to GOD!!!!! I used to hang out in a lowdown bar and dance hall in the 70's in Nantucket called The Chicken Box. No doubt it has been replaced by some hipster den of iniquity or fern bar,I'd love to beam myself back there on a Saturday night every once in a while.

                  1. re: missclaudy

                    btw, Miss claudy - the chicken box still exists on nantucket. I was just there last week.

                  2. re: Warthog

                    in balto. try royal farms--no joke,exceptional fried chicken in a "c" store

                    1. re: Warthog

                      I lived in Hyde Park down the street from Harold's, for years, and still recall fondly its fabulous fried chicken. And neon sign.

                    2. Now you're talking my language. As a service to your fellow hounds, may I suggest you try a bunch of places and post back with your thoughts?

                      The two biggest local chains in the city are Tyrones and New York. Of the two I prefer Tyrones. I would love to hear other opinions.

                      The BEST I've found is Chuckies Fried Chicken in the Hollins Market in West Balto. Give it a try, its worth the trip.

                      Side question: what's your favorite method of ordering? Mine is always hot sauce, salt and pepper, two slices of white bread.

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                      1. re: KAZ

                        Tyrones changed their name. I'm afraid to go ever since they changed it.

                        I'm totally going to check out chuckies though, thanks!

                        I ask for hot sauce and old bay on the fries. I prefer the old bay over salt and pepper

                        1. re: attgig

                          Then you are going to love Chuckies. They put a little bit of Old Bay in their fry mix.

                          1. re: KAZ

                            They sell thier fry mix, I get it all the time. it is a 40 minute drive but worth it!
                            I also have gotten my turkeys in thanksgiving there for 30 years...

                            1. re: spaq78

                              I'm bringing back this old/ish thread to report that based on this recs, I finally made it to Chuckie's. Waiting in line and watching the goings on behind the counter was an experience in itself. I was astounded that they were constantly frying the chicken, and how it was constantly--well, sometimes with a wait--replenished.

                              I order a breast--a part of the chicken I almost never order--and it was amazing. The Western fries were fab too. Mr. Baltoellen get chicken wings, and while he liked the Old Bay seasoning, he stated his loyalty to Park's.

                              The only problem is that there's nowhere to eat in Hollins Market (at least that I could see) and I thought this was something to eat immediately. (It's really no more than a 15 minute ride, so can't complain too much!)

                              Also, Mr. Baltoellen bought chicken pieces at the neighboring stall. This is also owned by Chuckie's? The chicken was VERY good. And, finally, are the Thanksgiving turkeys fresh or frozen there?

                              1. re: baltoellen

                                Again reviving this thread. I finally went to Chuckie's today. Fried chicken was delicious. As Ellen said, waiting in line was an experience -- they were out of just about everything, so I had quite a wait, watching the lady bread the chicken in what looked like a cormeal and flour mixture, the cooks watching the pressure cookers, and the women taking orders. Also listened to conversations from my fellow patrons that can't be printed in a family newspaper -- I know WAY too much about a couple of them. I skipped the fries, but I've never liked takeout fries. Even ten minutes is too far for them to travel, IMO.

                                I ordered two thighs, which they were out of. Changed it to two leg quarters and six wings. This was some good eating.

                        2. re: KAZ

                          I posted thier number, if you call ahead you dont have to wait, ask for Grandma Iris- she'll take good care of you!

                        3. IIRC, many of Mobtown's lake trout joints also offer fried chicken.

                          NB Many of these places are most definitely in nontouristy areas but we're chowhounds, not tourists, right?

                          I'd check out the Reisterstown Road corridor.

                          1. Pimlico Fried Chicken. Baltimore City, across from racetrack, next to some small church. Yum!

                            1. Chuckie's Fried Chicken at Hollins Market
                              26 S Arlington Ave
                              Baltimore, MD 21223
                              (410) 837-1884
                              Family owned for 55 years, they have fresh poultry too (Jacks Poultry), that is why thier fried chicken is the best. Chuckie runs the business with his parents, there is no better place in Bmore fore fried chicken.

                              1. What a fantastic thread! I'm lovin' it!

                                Anyway, I seem to remember, some time ago, people raving about some fried chicken place around, IIRC, Cold Spring and Greenmount....Does any know what the name of this place is called....I also seem to recall people saying that everything's behind that bulletproof plexiglass, adding, of course, to the charm!

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                                1. re: baltoellen

                                  Has anyone tried the place that opened in the place of Tyrones on Coldspring and York

                                2. I'll have to check out Chuckies, but one of my favorite places was The Chicken Box in Cross Street Market. I used to crave the chicken and make the long trek down from Hunt Valley just for lunch.

                                  Unfortunately, the owners back then sold the business to a Korean family who promptly cleaned the place up and made it look respectable. Somehow in all this cleaning of the grease, that extra flavor lost its' way into the chicken and the box.

                                  It hasn't been the same since.

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                                  1. re: onocoffee

                                    I live two blocks from Cross Street and two miles from Hollins, and Chuckies is better, no doubt about it. Worth the drive, even though it's not a long one.

                                    I've had chicken from both of the places in Cross Street that sell it. One of them was pretty decent, but I can't remember which one it was.

                                  2. Alright, so I tried Chuckie's Fried Chicken today. Went at around 4 PM. Honestly, I didn't really like it.

                                    I strongly suggest all of you to try Chicken Paul.
                                    8626 Loch Raven Blvd
                                    Baltimore, MD 21286

                                    It will really blow you away.

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                                    1. re: jwoo

                                      Thnak god, Chicken Paul is still around, I used to frequent back in the day when it was located in the shopping center on Loch Raven and Northern Parkway. I did notice a year or two ago that there was a place further up Loch Raven by the same name, hoping that is was the same place. By your recommendation, surely it is, very excited!

                                      1. re: chefgf25

                                        Ah yeah. I think they may have been located there before, but I'm not sure. It is owned by a Korean couple. They are very nice, I'm good friends with them, being Korean myself.

                                        Let me know how your trip there goes!

                                        1. re: jwoo

                                          I'm not surprised...at a recent hound gathering focused on fried chicken, the chicken from H-Mart scored in the top two! We had samples from Chuckies, Parks, Popeyes, Royal Farms, and more, plus homemade. Evidently Korean folks know their fried chicken! Will try Chicken Paul...just drove by there yesterday.

                                          1. re: crosby_p

                                            Can we get a list of your rankings?

                                            1. re: gregb

                                              I was at that outing as well, and we didn't really make a list, since it wasn't a scientific tasting thing. I do have to add that H-Mart chicken is Korean Chicken, whereas there are Korean owned places in town that make more southern US style chicken.

                                              But, in my view, the best chicken was from H-Mart and Tyrone's. As much as I thought I liked Chuckie's, it didn't really come close.

                                              1. re: baltoellen

                                                Ellen, those were my top two as well, although I really liked Royal Farms...especially since it is right around the corner! Except of course for Courtney's homemade...now THAT was fried chicken!

                                                1. re: baltoellen

                                                  It's about time Korean fried chicken get some attention! I remember how much I loved eating it when visiting in S. Korea, and I would take the radishes that come with the fried chicken over mashed potatoes or whatever starch any day.

                                                  1. re: gcrkc

                                                    Totally agree about the radishes! And, H-Mart chicken won hands down on the presentation front (ok, that wasn't really a category....)! I mean, they even tie up the pretty chicken box with a pretty red ribbon! ;-)

                                              2. re: crosby_p

                                                Can somebody tell me where Tyrone's is? I hear good things about it, never went. There's another New York Fried Chicken (seems to be a popular chain around here?) on Loch Raven near Lake Trout 2. I used to love LT2's chicken but recently the quality has decreased dramatically. Chicken Paul is the only place I go to now.

                                                1. re: jwoo

                                                  I think there are quite a few Tyrone's but am almost positive the stuff we had was from 131 E North Ave. You may want to google for a location near you!

                                            2. re: chefgf25

                                              I grew up in west baltimore and can tell you from experience the best places to get a chicken box are the local neighborhood corner carryouts. Many of them are owned by Koreans. Nothing beats a hot chicken box with fries and cocktail sauce on the wings.

                                          2. By the way, Sunny's Subs is the place that was voted #1 by 92Q in 2006. They were decent too. You just go down south on Loch Raven Blvd for a while and it's on your left.

                                            Another decent place is Lake Trout 2. I know it's called Lake Trout but they have mostly chicken.
                                            6841 Loch Raven Blvd
                                            Towson, MD 21286

                                            1. Another place I went to growing up was a place called Erdman's Chicken (?). It's on Erdman avenue somewhere in the city. It's in the corner part of a shopping plaza.

                                              Any places with mambo sauce? Kinda hard to find these days...

                                              BTW this is my fav. topic cuz i LOVE chicken box. lol

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                                              1. re: jwoo

                                                jwoo -- mambo sauce (AKA mumbo sauce) is really a DC thang.

                                                Also, if you're looking for korean fried chicken, just come on down here to Northern VA. Annandale and Centreville in Fairfax County are both booming in terms of korean eateries. Centreville is the newer "koreatown" and definitely has some korean fried chicken joints that are very popular.

                                              2. I Have to say...Next to some Grandmas Chicken lol "Royal Farms" wins my vote!

                                                Tyrones is Good, But the Upkeep of the Property is what turns me off
                                                All Those NY/KENNEDY SPOTS ARE ALL A NO NO.

                                                It was this place in the Woodlawn Area across from Woodlawn High Called "Caplans Deli" and they always had some Nice Size and Freshed Wings.

                                                Im a On and Off Vegetarian so its really been A while since I've been to alot of these Fast Food Spots for the Chicken Boxes.

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                                                1. re: DREAMA

                                                  Read this thread last week and so glad I did. Tried Chicken Paul in Baynesville as it is 10 minutes from my house. It was excellent. Picked up wings, legs, and western fries for the family. we all loved it! Not greasy, not salty. Quality chicken that was moist and hot. If you are avoiding salt, this is good chicken for you as it appears they use no salt in the flour mixture they coat with. Pleasant folks to deal with just adds to the charm.

                                                  1. re: Hts2804

                                                    the best Chicken Box I have had is Sonny's in the Northwood Shopping Center-- and what a deal! Two of us shared three mammoth wings, a large leg and thigh, and a big bunch of western fries for $6.65. A sweet hot sauce comes with it. Lake trout is also good, and you could go there for 2 weeks without repeating your choices. Come to think of it, maybe I will.

                                                2. reviving this thread - suggestions for chicken box near the inner harbor???

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                                                  1. re: tuxedo

                                                    Hmm. Does cross st market have chicken? That might be the closest place.

                                                    1. re: jvanderh

                                                      There are two chicken places in Cross Street Market. Mondawin Chicken, at the end nearest Light Street is my favorite.

                                                      My favorite chicken box is still Chuckie's at Hollin's Market, although a lot of people speak well of Parks in Lexington Market. Neither is as close to the harbor as Cross Street, but they aren't that much farther , and you can use the Circulators to get pretty close to any of them.

                                                      Lexington Market
                                                      400 W Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21201

                                                    2. re: tuxedo

                                                      I saw this thread today and wanted to go in a slightly different direction: What is the BEST fried chicken. I think we'd all agree that the meat should be moist but personally I like big salty crisp coating on the breast but prefer richer, damper, savory coating on the dark cuts. This makes it impossible to get both at the same place.

                                                      Also, related, what makes the Korean style chicken such a favorite and is the radish that it's served with pickled?

                                                    3. The corner carry out. It's on the corner of Woodborne and York road. They have great lake trout as well. Hip Hop Fish and Chicken isn't bad either.

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                                                      1. re: Marcsmom

                                                        Corner CarryOut is a bit greasy, but LOTS of flavor.