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Jan 14, 2007 09:46 PM

Los Sombreros without Jeff Smedstad?

We shall be in Scotsdale this next week and had been looking forward to eating at LS.-- could the locals please ADVISE whether LS is still wonderful and if not-- where would you suggest going?? Thank you

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  1. I've been there a few times, lately, and I think it's still good.

    The last time, the appetizer special was cochinita pibil sopes. I think they were about $8, and a huge portion. This would be the type of thing that I thought might suffer, (the creative specials) but, it was excellent.

    1. Overton's "without Jeff Smedstad" post caught my eye. I searched the Phoenix/Scottsdale on-line newspapers and found no reference to his departure. Can you elaborate?

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      1. that post from back in October is all i have - and i was hoping that the locals would know more about it -- thanks for trying to find out---

        1. The key word was "ex." Although I agree...was very good about ten days ago, although we had a small quibble over the fluffiness of masa in tamales.

          1. Thanks for the reminder of those earlier posts. I ate at Los Sombreros last May. He was cooking, and his then-already-ex-wife was in charge of the front of the house. They seemed to have worked everythng out congenially then, but perhaps it became less so -- or perhaps there was another reason on his, her or their part.