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Los Sombreros without Jeff Smedstad?

We shall be in Scotsdale this next week and had been looking forward to eating at LS.-- could the locals please ADVISE whether LS is still wonderful and if not-- where would you suggest going?? Thank you

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  1. I've been there a few times, lately, and I think it's still good.

    The last time, the appetizer special was cochinita pibil sopes. I think they were about $8, and a huge portion. This would be the type of thing that I thought might suffer, (the creative specials) but, it was excellent.


    1. Overton's "without Jeff Smedstad" post caught my eye. I searched the Phoenix/Scottsdale on-line newspapers and found no reference to his departure. Can you elaborate?

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      1. that post from back in October is all i have - and i was hoping that the locals would know more about it -- thanks for trying to find out---

        1. The key word was "ex." Although I agree...was very good about ten days ago, although we had a small quibble over the fluffiness of masa in tamales.

          1. Thanks for the reminder of those earlier posts. I ate at Los Sombreros last May. He was cooking, and his then-already-ex-wife was in charge of the front of the house. They seemed to have worked everythng out congenially then, but perhaps it became less so -- or perhaps there was another reason on his, her or their part.

            1. It was me that posted in October. I'd read that in the Food and Dining section of the Republic that afternoon...in the little "news" section that's usually on the inside of the front page. Can't find it in the archives now.

              The last time we were there was in Sept and he was in the kitchen then. We've never been there and not seen him in the kitchen...so just wondering if anyone who's been there lately has seen him?

              I saw his (ex)wife on Channel 3 in December promoting the tamales...usually he's done this in the past.

              Anyway, hopefully they worked it out and he's still there. We were there last year for the Valentine's menu and were just talking about maybe doing the same this year...if so, we'll definitely have a look-see in the kitchen to see who's cooking...

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                I did see the wife on channel 3 this weekend talking about Valentine's special items. I too am wondering where Jeff will be next.

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                  Rumour has it that Jeff ran off to Atlanta to find himself. Food still seems adventurous as ever, New years dinner there was amazing. My xmas tamales were not as good and flavorful as prior years though. Even still it is head and shoulders above everything else.

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                  ooh...he has the lamb shank on the menu there. very good to know for my next Atlanta business trip...I am going to cross-post on the appropriate board!

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                    Thanks to both of you for the information. The Atlanta menu looks delicious-

                  2. thank you for all the postings - LS still sounds better than anything in our area-- we shall look forward to a great meal----

                    1. you should try Barrio Cafe.