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Jan 14, 2007 09:28 PM

Wine list at Anthony's Pier 4

I heard (via an American Express sponsored video featuring Ken Oringer) that Anthony's Pier 4 is a great place to find old wines at good values. If there really are vintage wine deals to be had, I was thinking of going there to order a nice bottle of old wine and munch popovers, and maybe slurp some oysters. Is anyone familiar with their wine list? Would love to hear whether their older wines are priced significantly less than your average fancy restaurant.

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  1. I have not been there for the specific purpose you mention in 5 years however it was true 5 years ago and I imagine is still true today.
    Peter Holt was for some 15 years and perhaps still is the buyer there. He is only with peer in the city of Boston for his palate and intuition with respect to wine.
    Their wine was inexpensive when compared to other Boston properties because of the volume of their past purchases. They actually bought so much for so long and did it beginning so long ago that they can make money on their purchase with a mark up that is significant when compared to their purchase price 10 and 20 years ago.
    I look forward to your post after you go; If it is positive I will be following you.

    1. no disrespect, but i would hardly say peter holt is without par in the city, although he is keeper of a huge cellar. many wines purchased many years ago, and he rarely adjusts those prices upwards.

      beware though, the wine list rarely is reprinted, and lots of the vintages are inaccurate. have one or two back-up bottles as an ordering plan, because they always seem to be out of my first pick.

      your thoughts of popovers and oysters is a good one. i confess i like the cheese spread too!

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        None taken, I am not Peter, just a customer. However, I did say "only with peer" not "without peer".
        Is he still there? It's been awhile since I went in big wine hunting.

        1. re: ypeopleeat

          sorry, then. i don't know what "only with peer" means. yes he is still the buyer there.

      2. by coincidence, my wife and i were there on saturday for lunch. i was expecting the worst (stuffy, overpriced, living on past glory, etc). we were pleased with the meal, particularly the finnan haddie thatmy wife had. Not a common dish to find anymore, and theirs is quite good. The popovers are a nice touch. We didn't have wine so i can't comment on the main point of the post.

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        1. re: gourmaniac

          If you are finnan haddie fans, you might want to try Turner's in Melrose. My husband swears by their finnan!

        2. Due respect to Mr. Oringer, even if the wine list is good and reasonable (and I'll believe when I see it), the food is still horrendous, popovers notwithstanding.