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Jan 14, 2007 09:22 PM

anyone tried a chinese haunt called "Wall Street" in Phoenix?

some friends want to try this place near 1-17 and Bell apparently because it promises to have "New York Style Chinese" (atleast the banner says it does, and don't restuarant banners always speak the truth while acting as a classy understated form of advertisement?)

thought i'd check it out here first. anyone? anyone? I can't find ANYTHING out about this place, nothing on the web, etc.

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  1. I drove by this place earlier today on the way to visit relatives. It's on the north side of Bell just west of 17. I saw the banner and was intrigued, but I did not have the opportunity to stop in today. I'd also be interested in hearing if it lives up to its slogan.

    1. well. we went. we saw. we left.

      ambiance notwithstanding (because there was none)i remained open minded. the menus arrived, and i looked over the 20 items available, none of which featured anything but beef or chicken (a chinese joint absent of pork makes me suspicious).

      but also missing were the token items you're looking for in NY chinese: egg foo yong, chow mein, WONTON SOUP, etc etc.

      everything came with an eggroll and a fried wonton. in other words, these place wouldn't make it a day in NY.

      we very politely walked out and reconvened at the Golden Greek, which was, as usual, fantastic.

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        Thanks. You've saved me an unecessary ordeal. I'm just glad you were able to change course before you had ordered food and it was too late to leave.