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Coming to SF for the Food Show

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I am a "Born and raised" San Franciscan who for business reason had to leave the land of my Giants and 49er's. I miss home everyday and will come back after my tenure in LA is done. I am coming up this weekend for the Fancy Food Show and have the Big Gun restaurants lined up for the weekend (Dankos, Slanted Door, ect.) My wife and I would like to find a nice local Italian place that is casual and has GREAT food for Monday or Tuesday. I have been out of touch for a few years, so HELP!

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  1. My wife and I are also from L.A. and a few months ago we tried a place suggested by a friend who lives in the Bay area. It's called Milano, http://www.milanosf.com/ and we had a really lovely meal there. The pasta was outstanding, very fresh, cooked perfectly and a beautiful bolognese to go with my fettucini, plus my wife's gnocci was wonderful, (she would hardly give me a bite of it). I am sure there must be postings about it on the SF board.

    1. Perbacco is the current "place to go" with regard to Italian. You can do a search as it's been mentioned a lot on this board recently. It is outstanding.

      1. Oh, I can't wait for the food show!
        Perbacco is indeed terrific. A bit hard to get a reservation right now.

        1. Incanto is open Mondays, closed Tuesdays. Food's more only-in-SF style than Perbacco, which is also great. Perbacco's popular but it's also so big that opentable.com has reservations available every night.


          1. Incanto is really good and I agree, a great SF environment (& location, in Noe). Chris Cosentino is extremely talented & you might have a quieter and equally if not better dinner at Incanto--after the crazy show that might be nice!