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Jan 14, 2007 08:58 PM

The Buzz at Dan Tanas

I have been going to Dan Tanas for over 25 years. It was Dad's favorite restaurant and we would go almost every Thursday night. It felt good, smelt good, and was good. It had an "Old Hollywood" feeling with the waiters in Tux's and the star powered clientele.
It was HOME. But as I got older and my palate become more sophisicated and restaurants like Valentinos and Angelini Osteria came into my life, Dan Tanas lost a little of its allure. Still very good, my tastes had changed to want - Great / (Not) Real Good.

I found myself back at Dan Tanas this past Friday night (for a birthday) and the food was really good. I saw all the old faces and right away felt the same warm feelings I had as a boy. But I noticed something else. THE BUZZ. The place was a hot bed of activity. Food was moving from kitchen to tables. Ceasars were being made at the salad station. The bar scene was electrifying. The people out front waiting for a table were laughing. The waiters (in their Tux's) never lost the beat being drivin by THE BUZZ. As a kid, I never noticed it. But as a returnee who had not been there in a while it was obvious. Dan Tanas; that wildily popular place in West Hollywood was as much about its generated BUZZ as it was about the food. I had the Lobster Fra Diavlo and my table had steaks (its signature dish) and a variety of veals. The wine list is OK and desserts less OK. But man, if you want good food and a place were there is a BUZZ so thick you can cut it with a knife.....This is a place you want to visit.

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  1. I remember one of my few star sightings was there a few years ago. We took Lucy Liu's table after she left, and across from us in a booth was "The Smoking Man" from X-Files. Cool. Maybe it's time to go back for more yummy Italian.

    1. Don't forget Croatian Mike, one of LA's great bartenders.

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      1. Croatian Mike and Slivovitz - Yeh they are the best. Thanks for reminding me.

        1. I love it, I am going tomorrow night

          1. can you just pop in and swig a drink or two at the bar, or is it going to be packed and have to make a darn reservation even for the bar?

            the best steak in town (before Cut that is) is served here: the Dabney Coleman, very hackneyed, terrible name for an exceptional steak.