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Favorite restaurant in Marina Del Rey/Venice

I have a friend coming in from London, and I want him to have a nice meal tonight. I live in the area,but am stuck on James Beach for some reason. Help!

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  1. I would think a Londoner would get a kick out of Hama

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      ohhhh good one - young and hip. would it be dead on a Sunday?

    2. cafe del rey gets my vote.

      1. Though officially in Culver City (on Washington near Costco), Sakura House is always fun to take out of towners to. Kushiyaki is new and fun to most people.


        1. Joe's is probably the best restaurant in Venice. That doesn't mean it's the best place for a Londoner to visit, of course.

          The drawback to Hama Sushi is that you are going on a Sunday, which means the fish will not be at its freshest.

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          1. Also, don't forget Primativo. Great wine and tapas. Not sure how unique it would be for a out of towner. Or AXE is cool. It's definitely unique and the star watching there is usually pretty good.

            1. Thank you for your suggestions - I'm given 24 hours grace since
              this Londoner (and venture capitalist!!) is still in San Diego watching the game. He doesn't know the rules, needless to say.
              I'm from the UK too, but a 13 year resident of the Westside
              Has anyone been to Ben Ford's place in CC?

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                I've been to Ford's a few times, I find it to be highly over rated. It gets packed there, there is never any room in the bar to wait, and the food, while fine, is really nothing exciting, flat breads are good, steaks chewy, scallops overcooked, I don't want to say it sucks, something is just amiss, I can't seem to place it.
                That said, We've always kept going back because of the outside seating which is great on a warm night, and there aren't that many places (as close to my house) with good wine lists that have a good outdoor area. Except now there is Wilson which is excellent, but that's even further down Washington Blvd, you should check it out sometime it's wonderful. Great space, really warm ppl and fantastic food.

                I agree with bulavinaka below about the line up on Abbot Kinney, I've had great dinners at all of those restaurants.

              2. A couple of Chowhounders chimed in already on Abbot Kinney restaurants... I agree - you could go to four very good to excellent restaurants within a half block walking distance - Lilly's, Primativo, Joe's, and Axe, as you walk up the street - not a bad lineup. Your friend might have had his fill of French and Spanish, being he is from the UK, but Joe's and Axe or more typically Californian than the other two, and both are excellent. Also, don't forget Main Street that is just a few more blocks up... Chaya is almost always happening... haven't been for a while though so I couldn't comment on how things are now...

                1. Does anyone know where Gopin's new restaurant is - he used to be the exec chef for Ben Ford? I hope I got the spelling right, I knew him a few years ago as a friend. I also did my BS in Hospitality Management

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                        I apologise- it's Govind and one of the sweetest men. I worked at the River Cafe in London for a long time. Thank you for letting me know.

                      2. hey, here's a link to Wilson in CC just incase anyone is interested


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                            As Adsvino stated, Govind Armstrong is the executive chef at Table 8.

                          2. Maybe venture a mile or 2 north - How about Boa or Roku in SM - or the Viceroy?