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Jan 14, 2007 08:37 PM

Favorite restaurant in Marina Del Rey/Venice

I have a friend coming in from London, and I want him to have a nice meal tonight. I live in the area,but am stuck on James Beach for some reason. Help!

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  1. I would think a Londoner would get a kick out of Hama

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    1. re: tdo ca

      ohhhh good one - young and hip. would it be dead on a Sunday?

    2. cafe del rey gets my vote.

      1. Though officially in Culver City (on Washington near Costco), Sakura House is always fun to take out of towners to. Kushiyaki is new and fun to most people.

        1. Joe's is probably the best restaurant in Venice. That doesn't mean it's the best place for a Londoner to visit, of course.

          The drawback to Hama Sushi is that you are going on a Sunday, which means the fish will not be at its freshest.

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          1. Also, don't forget Primativo. Great wine and tapas. Not sure how unique it would be for a out of towner. Or AXE is cool. It's definitely unique and the star watching there is usually pretty good.